PetSpy P620/P320 Extra Contact Points – The Key to Effective and Humane Dog Training


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Is your PetSpy dog training collar not delivering the consistent, humane, and effective training you expected? Over time the contact points on your P620, P320, or P620B can become bent, blunted, or corroded resulting in unreliable stimulation. Don’t give up on remote training yet – with the PetSpy Extra Contact Points you can restore your PetSpy remote trainer to like-new performance.

This replacement contact point set includes:

  • 1 set of short contact points
  • 1 set of long contact points
  • 2 sets of conductive silicone caps

The contact points themselves are crafted from solid stainless steel to resist corrosion and provide years of reliable stimulation. The sharp contact point tips penetrate through your dog’s coat to their skin so you don’t have to shave their neck before training. The short and long contact points ensure you get a snug fit regardless of your dog’s coat length.

The conductive silicone caps slide over the contact points to provide a softer, more comfortable feel against your dog’s neck. This helps avoid irritation during longer training sessions. The flexible silicone material forms a secure connection to ensure consistent stimulation delivery.

Train Your Dog Humanely and Effectively

PetSpy designs their dog training collars and contact points to provide just the right stimulation to get your dog’s attention and correct unwanted behaviors – without overdoing it. The stimulation level is adjustable to suit your dog’s unique temperament and sensitivity. When used properly, electronic collars provide extremely effective training without any pain or discomfort.

With new, sharp contact points you can look forward to:

  • Getting your dog’s attention consistently with stimulation
  • Applying the precise stimulation level needed to correct behaviors
  • Reinforcing commands during training
  • Using lower stimulation levels overall during training

Consistent, reliable stimulation allows you to reinforce your position as pack leader and train your dog quickly and humanely to follow commands, overcome bad behaviors, and more.

Compatible PetSpy Models

This replacement contact point set is compatible with the following PetSpy remote dog training collars:

  • PetSpy P620
  • PetSpy P320
  • PetSpy P620B

The contact points screw securely into the collar receiver to deliver stimulation. Please verify your PetSpy model number to ensure compatibility before ordering.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel with sharp contact tip
  • Includes short and long contact points for optimal fit
  • Kit includes 4 contact points total for both collar receivers
  • Comes with 4 conductive silicone caps for comfort
  • Quick and easy to install by screwing into collar receiver
  • Restore like-new stimulation consistency to your PetSpy remote trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace the contact points?

We recommend replacing the contact points on your PetSpy remote training collar about once a year. You may need to replace them more often if you train very frequently. Replace immediately if the contact points become damaged, loose, or corroded.

Do I need any tools to replace the contact points?

No tools are required! The contact points screw securely into place by hand. Just unscrew the old contact points and screw in the new replacement points. Take care not to cross thread them.

Will the new contact points work with my existing PetSpy remote?

Yes, these replacement contact points will work with your existing PetSpy P620, P320, or P620B remote. No other accessories required!

Can I mix and match the short and long contact points?

Absolutely. The kit includes both short and long contact point options so you can use a combination that provides the best fit and contact with your dog’s skin. For example, you may want to use a short point on one collar receiver and long on the other.

Do I need to reset or reprogram my device after replacing the contact points?

Nope! Once installed, the new contact points will function just like the original points without any additional programming or resetting required.

Will replacing the contact points void my 1-year PetSpy warranty?

Not at all. Replacing the contact points is considered standard maintenance and will NOT void your product warranty. Our friendly customer service team is always available to help if any issues arise after replacing the contact points.

Shop with Confidence

PetSpy stands behind the quality of our remote training collars and accessories. That’s why our Extra Contact Points come backed by our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please reach out to our helpful support team if you experience any issues with fit, performance, or stimulation with your replacement contact points.
Bring out your dog’s best behavior with a PetSpy remote trainer! Reliable, humane stimulation starts with sharp, corrosion-free contact points. Order the PetSpy Extra Contact Points today and take your training to the next level.


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