PetSpy P620 Extra Remote Dog Training Collar Transmitter – Replace Your Old or Lost One!


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Train your dog like a pro with the PetSpy P620 Extra Remote Transmitter! This replacement transmitter is compatible with PetSpy dog training collar models P620 and P620B, so you can get back to reinforcing good behaviors in your furry friend.

Train Your Dog from Up To 650 Yards Away

The PetSpy P620 remote has an impressive range of up to 650 yards, giving you the flexibility to train your pet from a distance. Whether your dog is digging holes in the backyard or jumping on guests at the front door, you’ll be able to deliver a swift correction even if you aren’t right next to them. This makes training more convenient and effective.

Humanely Reinforce Proper Etiquette

With 3 effective training modes – shock, vibration, and sound – you can humanely reinforce the behaviors you want from your dog and discourage unwanted actions. The remote allows you to deliver a non-harmful static shock as a deterrent, apply a vibrating sensation to get their attention, or emit a high-pitched tone as a warning – whatever suits your training needs.

Customize the Intensity

For each mode, you can adjust the intensity up or down to find the right level for your dog’s temperament and size. This is especially useful for the shock mode, as you can tailor the sensation from a mild tickle to a stronger but still harmless zap. Start low and increase as needed to communicate with your pet effectively.

Long Battery Life

No need to worry about constantly changing batteries with the PetSpy P620 remote! It has outstanding battery life, keeping you going through months of daily training sessions on a single charge. The collar receiver itself can also hold a charge for weeks at a time.

Waterproof and Durable

Don’t let rain, splashes or dust put a stop to your training – the PetSpy remote is 100% waterproof and made to withstand all kinds of wear and tear. Its sturdy yet lightweight construction is shock-resistant as well. You’ll enjoy years of reliable performance.

Easy Yet Effective Operation

The remote transmitter features user-friendly buttons and an intuitive design, so you can deliver corrections, change modes and adjust intensity with just one hand. The clear LCD screen displays all settings at a glance. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Safety Features for Responsible Training

While highly effective for reinforcing commands, we also believe in training your dog responsibly. That’s why the PetSpy P620 includes built-in safety features like an automatic safety shut-off and overheating alarms to prevent over-correction.

Includes Charging Adapters

To keep your remote ready to use, the PetSpy package includes both a wall charger and car charger, for charging at home or on the go. Fully charging the battery only takes 2-3 hours.

Ideal for First Time Dog Owners

If you’re welcoming your first dog into the family, the PetSpy remote trainer takes the stress out of teaching good manners and obedience. The preset modes and easy controls help you achieve desired results without expertise.

Works for Small, Medium and Large Breeds

This transmitter can train dogs of all sizes – from tiny chihuahuas to great danes. The adjustable shock levels and vibration/sound modes ensure every dog feels an appropriate sensation. Features like the 650 yard range also make it ideal for training hunting or working dog breeds.

Affordable Replacement Part

Don’t go buying a whole new training system if all you need is a replacement remote! The PetSpy transmitter allows you to refresh your existing P620 set at a fraction of the cost of a full kit.

Where To Buy

Discover effective, hassle-free dog obedience training with the PetSpy P620 Extra Remote! This add-on transmitter is designed specifically for PetSpy’s popular P620 and P620B electronic collars. Purchase today from Amazon for fast shipping and our 1 year replacement warranty. We also offer friendly U.S.-based customer support if you ever have questions about using your remote trainer.


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