PetSafe UL-275-67D In-Ground Deluxe Ultralight Dog Collar – Reliable and Humane Containment for Your Best Friend


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Is your energetic furry friend always darting out the front door or digging under the fence? Do you worry about their safety when they’re outside unattended? The PetSafe UL-275-67D In-Ground Deluxe Ultralight Dog Collar offers a safe, effective containment solution to give your beloved pup freedom to roam without putting them in harm’s way.

This deluxe collar is designed exclusively for use with PetSafe’s In-Ground Fence systems (NOT compatible with PIG00-13619 and PIG00-11115). It keeps your dog within established boundaries you set, working seamlessly with the included receiver to deliver gentle but firm corrections when needed. With four adjustable levels plus tone-only mode, you can customize training for your dog’s unique temperament and respond appropriately when they approach the fence.

Ultralight and Comfortable by Design

Weighing just 1.5 ounces, the PetSafe UL-275-67D is one of the lightest dog containment collars on the market. The slim, contoured design includes short contact points that rest gently against your dog’s neck to avoid irritation. Your furry friend will barely notice they’re wearing it!

The collar is fully waterproof and adjustable to fit necks up to 28 inches, accommodating dogs from 8 pounds up to large breeds. It’s also designed for all-day wear, unlike some bulky underground fence collars that can only be used for limited time periods.

Reliable Signal Transmission and Correction

An included RFA-67 battery module powers the collar receiver, with two replaceable PetSafe batteries providing long life. The collar reliably picks up the radio signal from the boundary wire, delivering a safe static correction when your dog reaches the fence perimeter. This immediately stops them from going farther, without causing any pain or injury.

You can select tone only mode for early training or set static correction between levels 1 to 4. Level 1 offers the mildest stimulation for sensitive pups, while level 4 gives a firmer correction for stubborn dogs requiring extra reinforcement. The adjustable settings let you tailor training to your unique pet.

Customizable, Do-It-Yourself Containment

PetSafe’s in-ground fence systems let you easily create a customized backyard boundary to suit your property and containment needs. No complicated professional installation required! Just lay out the included boundary wire to encircle the desired area, connect it to the system transmitter, and start training your dog.

The waterproof transmitter can be placed indoors or outdoors. Set the boundary width from 2 up to 90 feet to control the distance your dog can roam outside the wire. Adjustable correction levels, anti-linger prevention, and a temporary override mode provide additional flexibility.

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Dog is Safe

No more worrying when your rambunctious Rover or adventure-loving Baxter slip outside unattended! With the PetSafe in-ground system and UL-275-67D collar, your dog has room to play and explore safely. They’ll learn the new backyard boundaries quickly with the collar’s clear yet humane corrections.

You’ll enjoy knowing your beloved pet isn’t at risk of being hit by a car, getting lost, or wandering into an unsafe area. And your dog will love all the new sights, sounds, and smells to discover right in the comfort of your own yard!

Why Choose the PetSafe In-Ground Fence?

  • Customizable boundary wire lets you encircle any shape area
  • Waterproof indoor or outdoor system transmitter
  • Adjustable correction levels to suit any temperament
  • Anti-linger function prevents dog from staying near perimeter
  • Works for dogs over 8 pounds
  • Covers up to 1/3 acre
  • Includes training flags for easy boundary identification

Order the PetSafe UL-275-67D Collar for Your Dog’s Safety and Freedom

Give your furry friend room to play and discover without putting them at risk. With its humane yet effective corrections, the PetSafe UL-275-67D Deluxe Ultralight Collar will help contain and train your dog to avoid crossing the underground fence boundary.

Order today to create a customized backyard oasis your beloved pet will enjoy for years to come! We stand behind the quality and performance of our containment systems and collars. Your dog’s safety and happiness are our top priority.


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