PetSafe RFA-435 25 Acre In-Ground Fence Transmitter with Lightning Protection


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Keep your furry friend safely in your yard with the PetSafe RFA-435 In-Ground Fence Transmitter. This powerful transmitter is designed to contain pets up to 25 acres, providing them with ample room to play and explore while keeping them secure at home.

Reliable Containment for Pets up to 25 Acres

The PetSafe RFA-435 utilizes radio frequency technology to establish a circular boundary around your yard. Simply bury the included boundary wire to create a customized pet containment area. The transmitter sends a coded signal through the boundary wire that is picked up by your PetSafe receiver collar. As your pet approaches the boundary, the receiver collar emits a warning beep. If your pet continues into the boundary zone, a safe static correction is delivered to get his or her attention until retreating back to the yard area.

With a circular containment area of up to 25 acres, you can give your pet plenty of room to play and exercise while keeping him safely contained. The adjustable boundary width control lets you customize the size of the pet’s correction zone from 2-20 feet wide to accommodate different breed temperaments and yard landscapes.

Set Customizable Correction Levels

The PetSafe RFA-435 features adjustable static correction levels to suit your pet’s temperament and size. There are 3 progressive correction levels plus a tone-only training mode. Use the lower settings while training your pet on the new fence system and boundaries. Once your pet is avoiding the boundaries, you can select a higher setting for experienced containment. This system allows you to tailor the correction to your pet’s specific needs.

Lightning Protection for Safety

The RFA-435 transmitter includes built-in lighting protection to prevent system damage. Power surges and lightning strikes can destroy electronic pet fence systems. However, this transmitter incorporates advanced MOV circuitry that absorbs electrical current spikes. This provides an added layer of safety to protect your investment.

Waterproof Collar Receiver Options

This PetSafe transmitter is compatible with a variety of waterproof, rechargeable collar receivers to create a complete custom containment system. Choose from PetSafe yard and park, ultralight, or comfort fit receiver collars. The waterproof receiver collar can be submerged in water, so it’s ideal for pets that frequently play in wet yard areas.

Avoid shock risks by using the included gel-filled, stainless steel contact points. The contact points release Morris Code to notify you when power is low to ensure your pet’s safety. Recharge the lithium-ion battery for 2-3 hours when running low.

Easy Set Up for DIY Installation

Set up your pet containment system in just a few hours thanks to the user-friendly design. All necessary wiring and equipment for installation is included in the package. Simply lay out the boundary wire to define your custom pet containment zone. Connect the wires to the surge-protected transmitter and plug it into an outlet. Adjust the boundary width, static correction level, and power as needed to suit your yard and pet. Most customers find the DIY installation for this system quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • Circular containment for up to 25 acres
  • Anti-lightning surge protection circuitry
  • 2-20 foot adjustable boundary width
  • Progressive static correction levels
  • Collar receiver options for all pets
  • Waterproof and rechargeable collar receiver
  • Wire breakage alarm
  • Set up requires no wire cutting or splicing
  • Easy DIY installation

Give Your Pet Freedom and Security

Don’t limit your pet’s access to your entire property. With the PetSafe RFA-435 25 Acre In-Ground Fence, you can customize a spacious pet play area in your own backyard. The system is safe, effective, and easy to install. Protect your pet and yard with this quality electric dog fence today!


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