Petsafe Keep Your Pup Safe Break-Away Collar – The Only Collar Designed to Prevent Tragic Accidents While Keeping Your Dog Secure During Walks


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As dog owners, we all want what’s best for our furry friends. We go the extra mile to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. But even the most attentive pet parents can’t prevent every accident. Collars getting snagged on objects or caught on other dogs’ jaws during playtime mishaps can have tragic consequences if your pup’s collar doesn’t release.

The Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar was uniquely designed by pet safety experts to add an extra layer of protection for your dog. This collar features a patented break-away buckle that releases when pressure is applied, helping prevent choking, strangulation, or neck injuries if the collar gets caught on something.

How the KeepSafe Collar Can Prevent Accidents

Here are three of the most common collar accident scenarios and how this specially designed break-away collar can help:

Mouthing and Playing: When dogs play together, especially puppies still learning bite inhibition, collars can become snagged on another dog’s teeth. The KeepSafe collar is designed to separate with sufficient pressure, releasing your dog from the other dog’s jaws to avoid injuries to the neck, throat, or spine.

Catching on Objects: An active, curious dog exploring the backyard could accidentally get their collar caught on something like a tree branch, deck railing, or fence. The break-away buckle will release the collar to prevent choking or strangulation.

Escape Attempts: Dogs who try to back out of their collar when tied up or attempt to squeeze through a small space can injure their neck or worse in the process. This collar will detach with pressure instead of holding fast.

While no collar can prevent every accident, the unique quick-release buckle design adds an important layer of protection to reduce the risk of tragedy striking your beloved pup.

Designed for Safety Without Sacrificing Security

Pet parents want to keep their dogs secure without compromising safety. That’s why this collar was designed with two separate buckles:

The break-away buckle releases when pressure is applied to prevent accidents. It easily snaps back together after releasing so you can continue using the collar.

A separate sturdy snap buckle lets you easily put the collar on and take it off for baths, storage, or switching to a harness.

Dual D-rings on either side of the breakaway buckle allow you to attach a leash to both rings for added security during walks. This prevents the breakaway from releasing if your dog lunges or pulls on leash but still breaks away if the collar gets caught on something.

customizable and Comfortable for Every Dog

The Petsafe KeepSafe Collar comes in a wide range of sizes to provide the perfect fit for any dog breed.

Measure your dog’s neck and choose the appropriate size collar for a snug yet comfortable fit. The collar should sit high on the neck near the base of the skull without restricting breathing. Allow room for two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

A leash can be attached to either metal D-ring on the collar. The smooth nylon material won’t irritate your dog’s skin or fur. For added comfort, the edges are rounded.

Why Choose the Petsafe KeepSafe Collar?

While there are other standard break-away cat collars on the market, here’s why the Petsafe collar stands out:

  • It’s the only dog collar specially designed by pet safety experts with a patented buckle for quick release and preventing accidents.
  • The unique dual-buckle design provides added security while walking your dog without compromising safety.
  • Made by Petsafe, the #1 brand recommended by veterinarians and trainers for quality, innovative pet products.
  • Thoughtfully designed for comfort with rounded edges and available in many sizes to fit all dogs.
  • Lets you relax knowing your dog has an added layer of protection against tragic collar accidents.

While no product can guarantee accident prevention, pet parents agree the Petsafe KeepSafe Collar provides peace of mind knowing it was designed to release when pressure is applied. This can truly mean the difference between life or death in an emergency situation.

As dog lovers ourselves, we know there’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing your beloved companion, especially when it could have been prevented. We highly recommend the KeepSafe collar for all dog owners wanting an affordable way to provide additional protection for their furry family member.

The loving bond you share with your dog is priceless. Don’t wait for a tragedy to strike before taking action – help safeguard your pup with the Petsafe collar designed just for protecting pets. Order yours today!


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