PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline – Keep Your Fur Baby Safe and Secure During Car Travel


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Is your fur baby anxious during car rides? Do they pace back and forth or try to climb into the front seat while you’re driving? The PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline is the perfect solution to keep your pup safe and secure in the backseat during travel.

This ingenious zipline easily installs in your vehicle in just minutes. Simply attach one end of the zipline to each side of the backseat using the adjustable straps and sturdy metal buckles. Your dog wears the comfortable Happy Ride harness which connects to a leash clip that slides back and forth along the zipline, restricting access to the front seat but still allowing your pup mobility in the back.

Benefits of the PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline

Simplicity – With just a few adjustments, the zipline can be custom fit to most cars, trucks, and SUVs. The intuitive design allows for quick and easy installation.

Safety – Restricting your dog’s access to the front seat enhances safety for both dog and driver. Your pup stays secure in the backseat and you can focus on the road ahead.

Decreased Driver Distraction – Dogs pacing, climbing, or barking in the car are huge distractions. The zipline keeps your dog in the backseat so you can concentrate on driving.

Comfort for Your Dog – While restricting access, the zipline still gives your pup mobility to sit, stand, or lay down. Your dog stays comfortable on trips.

Durability – Constructed from strong nylon, the zipline is built to last through countless car rides while keeping your dog safe.

Versatile Size – Available in four sizes, the zipline can accommodate dogs from teeny chihuahuas to giant great danes and everything in between.

Give Your Dog the Happy Ride They Deserve

Does your dog whine, drool, or even get car sick when traveling? These anxious behaviors are no fun for either of you. The PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline helps create a secure atmosphere so your pup can relax and enjoy the ride.

Customers love how easy the zipline is to install and adjust. In just minutes, you can have the system securely in place and be on your way. The zipline stays fixed despite your dog’s movements, keeping them safely in the backseat. Owners of large, powerful dogs are especially impressed with how sturdy and reliable the zipline is. No more forceful pulling into the front seat on their dog’s part!

Your pooch will love having the freedom to sit, stand, or lie down during the drive. The zipline gives them mobility while also providing the security of being leashed. One customer said it perfectly, “This zipline ended my dog’s anxious pacing and whining. Now he happily sniffs out the window or takes a snooze until we arrive.”

For added safety and comfort, pair the zipline with PetSafe’s custom-fit Happy Ride Dog Harness. Available in six sizes, the harness gently restricts your dog’s movements while the padded vest disperses pressure for a comfortable fit. The front attachment ring connects to the zipline so your dog stays secure on car rides. The Happy Ride Harness is truly the perfect complement.

Travel Stress-Free With Your Furry Companion

No more distracted driving or soothing your anxious pup in the car. The PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline finally allows you both to relax and enjoy the ride. Your dog stays safely in the backseat and you can focus on the road ahead.

This simple yet brilliant product has been a game-changer for so many pet parents. Easy to install and adjust, the durable zipline custom fits most vehicles. Your dog has mobility while leashed and comfortable in their harness. Say goodbye to travel stress and happy trails with your furry co-pilot!

Order the PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline today and take a worry-free ride with your pup. Your dog will thank you!


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