Petsafe Flex Contacts for Collars, 4-Pack – Stainless Steel Tips Flex With Your Dog’s Movement


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Keep your dog safe and improve training consistency with the Petsafe Flex Contacts for Collars. This 4-pack includes stainless steel contact points that flex with your dog’s natural movements to maintain constant contact with their skin. That ensures uninterrupted stimulation delivery when using PetSafe’s remote and bark control collars.

Contact Points That Move With Your Dog

Traditional rigid contact points can lose skin contact when your dog moves, resulting in inconsistent or interrupted stimulation. That can confuse your dog and undermine training. The Petsafe Flex Contacts solve that problem with flexible tips that maintain constant contact during everyday activities like running, exploring, scratching and rolling.

The thin stainless steel tips easily flex and bend as your dog moves naturally. That ensures the collar receiver maintains solid skin contact for accurate and consistent stimulation timing. No more missed corrections or confusion for your pup.

Compatible With PetSafe Anti-Bark and Remote Training Collars

These contact points are designed to work with a range of PetSafe collars using rechargeable RFA-67 batteries. That includes:

  • PetSafe Remote Training Collars
  • PetSafe Bark Control Collars
  • PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collars
  • PetSafe Stubborn Dog Bark Control Collars
  • PetSafe Spray Bark Control Collars
  • PetSafe Ultrasmart Bark Control Collars

The contacts screw into place on the collar receiver, replacing your existing points. Just unscrew the old ones and screw these flex contacts on. It takes seconds to install a set and improve your stimulation consistency.

Stainless Steel Won’t Corrode or Irritate Skin

The tips are made from surgical-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and oxidation. You don’t have to worry about the points degrading or irritating your dog’s skin. Stainless steel maintains performance and provides a smooth, comfortable feel during extended wear.

The steel conducts stimulation efficiently to the skin for precise timing. Flexible contacts combined with rigid steel tips give you the best of both worlds – consistent stimulation delivery with comfortable wear.

Comfortable, Low-Force Contact

The contacts are designed for comfort with rounded, polished tips. They provide plenty of surface contact while minimizing pressure points. Your dog feels only gentle touch without risk of chafing or irritation over long periods.

The flexibility also ensures the contacts maintain light, consistent skin contact. There’s no need for excessive pressure that risks irritation or discomfort. Just light low-force touch for comfort and precision.

Easy to Keep Clean

Daily cleaning keeps the contacts hygienic and functioning properly. Just use soap and water or pet-safe cleaning wipes to remove dirt, oils and debris. The stainless steel construction and rounded design make cleaning a breeze.

Remember to fully dry the points after cleaning before reattaching to your dog’s collar. The flexibility and simplicity make it easy to maintain fresh, clean contacts for health and performance.

Key Features

  • Set includes 4 flex contact points for PetSafe collars
  • Flexible surgical-grade stainless steel tips
  • Maintain constant skin contact during dog movement
  • Compatible with a variety of PetSafe anti-bark and training collars
  • Replace rigid contacts for improved stimulation consistency
  • Comfortable, rounded, low-pressure contact
  • Stainless steel resists corrosion and oxidation
  • Easy to keep clean with soap and water
  • Designed for healthy extended wear

Choose Consistent, Comfortable Stimulation

Don’t let rigid contact points undermine your dog’s training or comfort. With flexible tips that move with your pup, the Petsafe Flex Contacts maintain precise stimulation timing while staying gentle against the skin.

Just screw them onto your PetSafe collar for accurate, consistent performance. Improve stimulation delivery and keep your dog comfy during training, bark control and everyday wear. Choose the flexibility and precision of Petsafe Flex Contacts.


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