PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness – Stop Your Dog’s Pulling and Choking During Walks


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Tired of being dragged around the neighborhood by your dog during walks? Struggling with teaching your energetic canine companion not to pull on the leash? Your problems are solved with the PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness! Specially designed by a veterinary behaviorist, this brilliant no-pull harness gently discourages your dog from pulling by redirecting him back to your side. Keep your dog safe and comfortable on walks while also improving his leash manners.

Gently Stops Your Dog from Pulling & Choking

This deluxe dog harness features a patented martingale loop that tightens slightly across your dog’s chest when he tries to pull. The gentle tension steers your dog back towards you instead of letting him get ahead. Unlike traditional collars that can choke and gag your dog when he pulls, the Easy Walk harness controls pulling without straining his neck. Your dog can walk comfortably without gagging, coughing, or choking!

Front Leash Attachment for Maximum Control

The front leash attachment on the PetSafe harness gently turns your dog back towards you if he tries to pull forward or get distracted. This extra leverage gives you maximum control over your strong puller. Walks are easier and more enjoyable for both of you, without constant tugging and tension on the leash.

Padded Straps for Ultimate Comfort

Your dog will love the comfortable padded neoprene straps that wrap under his legs and across his chest. The breathable lightweight padding prevents chafing while also keeping your dog cool on hot days. Reflective strips ensure visibility and safety during night walks. Give your dog the ultimate in cozy comfort and security!

Easy On and Off Design

Slip this harness on and off your dog in seconds! Adjustable quick-snap shoulder and belly straps ensure you can find the perfect customized fit for your dog. Less coverage than many bulkier harnesses keeps your dog comfortable in warm weather. Sizes range from petite to extra large to fit any breed.

Fits Better Than Conventional Harnesses

Traditional harnesses often ride up into your dog’s armpits, causing discomfort and restricting shoulder movement. The unique wraparound design of the Easy Walk harness eliminates uncomfortable pinching. By distributing pressure across your dog’s chest and shoulders, it provides maximum freedom of movement.

Improves Leash Manners Through Positive Training

Stop leash training frustration! This harness uses force-free positive reinforcement techniques recommended by vets and trainers to teach your dog better leash habits. Escape painful choke collars and halti head collars. Teach your dog not to pull using humane and effective guidance from the Easy Walk harness.

Trusted Brand with U.S.-Based Customer Care

PetSafe is a globally renowned brand trusted by millions of pet parents, trainers, and vets worldwide. Their products are designed to keep pets healthy, safe, and happy. PetSafe provides top-notch U.S.-based customer service and support. Contact their pet experts by phone, email, or online chat for personalized assistance with products, training, or any questions!

Give Your Puppy the Gift of Good Manners!

Start your puppy off on the right paw by training him not to pull from a young age. The Easy Walk harness is a perfect training tool for developing good leash habits. Your dog will learn to walk politely by your side instead of dragging you along the street. This harness truly makes training a breeze.

Regain Control of High-Energy Pullers

If your powerful puller is a challenge to walk and leaves your arm sore, this is the perfect solution! The Easy Walk harness gives you control over dogs up to 250lbs. Confidently walk your strong, energetic buddy and keep him focused on you instead of darting after distractions.

Provide Relief for Older Dogs

Senior dogs with arthritis or other joint issues have difficulty controlling their urge to pull. The strain on their neck from a regular collar or leash can cause pain and injury. The Easy Walk harness provides gentle control over your older dog’s movement, allowing him to walk comfortably without pulling and hurting his neck.

Build Trust and Bonding During Walks

Dogs who are repeatedly punished and choked for pulling often become frightened and distrustful on walks. The Easy Walk harness removes tension and frustration from your strolls, letting you relax and enjoy quality bonding time with your dog. Rebuild trust while also reinforcing good leash manners!

Regain Your Confidence in the Great Outdoors

Does your dog’s pulling make you dread going on walks? This brilliant harness will restore your confidence and put you back in charge of your dog during neighborhood outings and hikes. Walks are relaxing and pleasant again. You control the pace while your dog focuses his attention on you.

Make Walks a Reward Instead of a Chore

Turn your daily walks from a chore into a reward for both you and your dog! Combining the Easy Walk Deluxe harness with positive reinforcement training creates a stress-free way to teach polite leash habits. Your dog will look forward to his special time with you exploring the great outdoors together.

Ditch the head halters, choke collars, and constant arm straining! Teach your energetic companion to walk politely on a leash without pulling, gagging, or choking. This brilliant harness is easy to use and comfortable for your dog. Regain the joy of walking your best friend with the PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness!


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