PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness – Stop Pulling & Enjoy Stress-Free Walks


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Taking your dog for a walk should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. But if your pup tends to pull and choke themselves while on leash, it can quickly become a struggle. Enter the PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness – the perfect solution for leash training your energetic canine companion.

This deluxe version of the best-selling Easy Walk harness features several upgrades to provide even more comfort and security for you and your pet. The padded neoprene straps keep your dog cool while the reflective strips increase visibility on nighttime strolls. The patented Martingale loop design gently steers your dog back towards you if they begin to pull, discouraging the behavior without choking or gagging.

Key Features:

  • Padded neoprene straps provide cool comfort for your dog
  • Reflective strips increase visibility and safety on night walks
  • Patented Martingale loop steer your dog back gently if they pull
  • Stops choking and gagging by resting across the chest instead of throat
  • Quick snap straps make it easy to fit the nylon harness
  • Minimal coverage prevents overheating

The Easy Walk Deluxe Harness is designed by renowned veterinary behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin to teach better leash manners by minimizing pulling. It accomplishes this by redirecting your dog back to you via a front chest leash attachment rather than allowing them to forge ahead. This stops the choking and gagging caused by regular collars and leads to more relaxed, enjoyable strolls for everyone.

Walks Your Way

Whether your pooch is an enthusiastic puller or simply needs a gentle reminder not to stray, the Deluxe Easy Walk has your back. The quick snap straps make it easy to fit the nylon harness correctly so it can work its magic. Once on, your dog will immediately begin learning not to pull as the harness steers them right back each time they try.

Both you and your pup will appreciate the padded neoprene straps that provide a comfortable buffer between your dog’s body and the nylon straps. This prevents chafing while keeping your pet cool and comfortable on warm weather walks. For added visibility and security, reflective strips have been thoughtfully added to ensure you both stay safe during low light conditions.

A Legacy You Can Trust

As a global leader in pet behavior and containment products, PetSafe brand has been trusted by millions of dog owners and trainers since 1998. The Easy Walk Harness line remains one of their most popular and time-tested training tools. Whether your goal is to train a new puppy or correct an established puller, PetSafe products provide effective and compassionate solutions.

Worry-Free Purchase

PetSafe stands behind the Deluxe Easy Walk Harness with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Their US-based customer care experts are available 6-days a week to assist with any questions, replacement parts, or re-sizing. PetSafe understands choosing the right products for your pup is important, so they aim to make the process as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Deluxe Easy Walk Harness stop pulling?

The front-chest leash attachment redirects your dog back towards you if they begin to pull forward by gently turning their body. This steering motion discourages pulling without gagging.

Does it completely stop pulling?

While extremely effective for most dogs, results vary based on size, age, and persistence of pulling behavior. Consistent use provides the best results.

Is it comfortable for my dog?

Yes, the padded neoprene straps prevent chafing and overheating while still giving full range of motion.

How do I put the harness on my dog?

First loosen all straps fully. Have your dog step through the loop and then snap the belly strap. Finally, fasten the shoulder straps and adjust to fit snugly.

What size should I get?

Use the sizing chart to measure your dog’s chest and choose the size that will fit best. The harness should be snug but not restrict movement.

Don’t wait – order the PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness today and experience relaxing walks with your furry friend! Ideal for training puppies, adult pullers, or any dog needing a gentle reminder not to stray.


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