PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness – Stop Pulling & Choking During Walks


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Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. But if your pup tends to pull and choke himself on regular leash walks, it can quickly turn frustrating. Thankfully, the PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness provides a safe, gentle solution to stop your dog from pulling during walks.

Created by a leading veterinary behaviorist, this deluxe dog harness steering your pup in the direction you want to walk. It does this through a unique front-clip design that gently turns your dog back towards you if he tries to pull ahead or lunge. This puts you back in control of the walk, without gagging, choking or pain for your dog.

The deluxe version provides upgraded comfort with its padded neoprene straps. This soft, breathable material won’t rub or irritate your dog’s skin. Reflective strips have also been added for enhanced visibility during night walks. Overall, it provides superior comfort and safety compared to basic harnesses.

While stopping pull, the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness also encourages better leash manners through positive reinforcement training. As your dog learns not to pull, you can reward and praise. This harness makes training easier so you both enjoy daily walks.

Benefits of the PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness

  • Stops pulling and choking using gentle steering motion
  • Teaches better leash manners over time
  • Padded neoprene straps for maximum comfort
  • Reflective strips for visibility & safety at night
  • Quick snap buckles make putting on simple
  • Less coverage keeps your dog cool
  • Veterinary behaviorist designed and recommended

How to Use the No-Pull Dog Harness

Getting the harness set up and fitted properly is simple:

  1. Make sure to choose the right size based on your dog’s measurements.
  2. Slip the shoulder straps over your dog’s head and clip the buckles under the belly.
  3. Attach the front leash clip to your leash and you’re ready to start training.
  4. Reward good behavior during the walk as your dog learns not to pull.

With the leash attached to the front, your dog will turn back towards you if he begins pulling. This steers him into a better position by your side. For best results, be sure to actively train your dog during walks and reinforce when he walks nicely.

Why Trust the PetSafe Brand

PetSafe is a globally recognized brand when it comes to pet products. They’ve specialized in pet training, containment, and lifestyle products since 1998. With decades of experience, they have developed solutions trusted by millions of pet parents worldwide.

In particular, the Easy Walk Harness line has been a top solution for leash pulling endorsed by dog trainers. PetSafe also provides excellent customer service and support in the US to help with any questions or issues. You can feel confident choosing the PetSafe brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it stop pulling?

The front leash attachment gently turns your dog back towards you if he tries to pull ahead. This steers him into a better heel position without gagging or choking.

Will it work for a strong puller?

Yes, the Easy Walk Harness is effective for controlling strong pullers up to 250lbs. It may take consistent training, but gently controls pulling strength.

Is it hard to put on my dog?

No, the quick snap straps make it very easy to fit the harness properly on your dog in just seconds.

Can I keep it on during car rides?

We don’t recommend keeping a harness on in the car for safety reasons. It’s best to remove it before driving anywhere.

Discover for yourself why the PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness is a top choice for many dog owners. The comfortable design and effective no-pull training will make walking your dog a breeze. Order today and take control of your walks!


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