PetSafe Citronella Spray Refill for Bark Control


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Tired of excessive barking? Give your pooch a humane reminder to keep it down with the PetSafe Citronella Spray Bark Collar Refills. These easy-to-replace cartridges deliver a safe but unpleasant citronella scent when your dog barks excessively, reminding them to calm down without harming them.

As a loving pet owner, you want to curb annoying behaviors without causing pain or stress. That’s why progressive pet parents trust the proven PetSafe brand for bark collars and other training devices. These citronella spray refills offer a gentle nudge to remind Rover when it’s time to quiet down.

The Benefits of Citronella Spray Bark Control

Citronella spray bark collars like the popular PetSafe GentleSpray give your dog feedback they can understand to help them learn when not to bark. A quick puff of citronella mist when they bark acts as an interrupt cue to stop vocalizing. Key advantages of citronella spray include:

Safe, Humane and Effective – Citronella has an unpleasant smell dogs dislike but causes no pain or harm. Research shows citronella spray collars can reduce barking by up to 90% over time.
Preferred by Many Owners – Citronella sprays are less stressful for sensitive dogs than shock collars. The odor corrects behavior without fear, pain or aggression.
Good for Residence – Citronella has a fresh, herbaceous scent humans find pleasant. It won’t annoy neighbors or linger indoors.
Reusable Collar, Replaceable Refills – The durable PetSafe collar can be used again and again with new refill cartridges. No batteries required!
Water Resistant – Citronella mist keeps working even in wet conditions outdoors. Rain won’t affect its performance.
Automatically Activates – No remote required! The collar sensing mechanism detects barks and sprays within 2 seconds to reinforce quiet behavior.
The PetSafe Advantage

PetSafe citronella spray products are backed by decades of research and experience as a leading brand. Key advantages include:

25+ Years Perfecting Bark Collars – PetSafe pioneered the very first spray bark collar in 1998. They have unrivaled expertise in humane, effective designs.
Broad Product Line – Choose from a variety of citronella and unscented training collars and accessories to suit your needs.
Use with Confidence – PetSafe collars are vet recommended and endorsed by dog trainers for proven performance.
Friendly Customer Support – Their USA-based support team will gladly answer any product questions and help you pick the right device.
Quality Materials and Construction – Durable, waterproof collars and components made to last through hours of wear and training.
Giving Back – PetSafe donates a portion of each sale to support animal shelters, rescues and other pet charities.
Key Features of the Citronella Spray Refills

This convenient 3-pack of replacement cartridges lets you refresh your PetSafe GentleSpray or Spray Bark collar when the citronella runs out. Key features include:

Compatible Models – Made to fit all compatible PetSafe bark and training spray collars. Not for use with citronella diffusers.
Mess-Free Refilling – Simply twist to remove the empty cartridge and replace it with a fresh one. No spills!
Long-Lasting Formula – Each cartridge provides up to 80 sprays. Get the most from every refill.
Recyclable Parts – The plastic cartridges can be recycled once empty for less landfill waste.
Trusted Quality – Reliable mist spray pattern and proven citronella scent dogs dislike.
USA Construction – Assembled in the USA with global components for consistent performance.
Affordable 3-Pack – Convenient multi-pack provides enough refills for months of use. Cheaper than buying individually.
Fast Shipping – Enjoy free Prime delivery so you never run out of cartridges.
How the Spray Bark Collar Works

PetSafe’s patented spray bark collars like the popular GentleSpray use innovative technology to detect barks and spray citronella mist automatically within 2 seconds.

Sensor Detects Vocal Vibrations – When your dog barks, the collar senses vibrations in their vocal cords.
Collar Emits Spray – A brief burst of unscented liquid or citronella mist is emitted near your dog’s snout.
Dog Stops Barking – Surprised by the spray, your dog stops barking. With repeated use they learn to avoid excessive vocalizing.
The spray collar has a safety feature that stops it from spraying more than 15 times in a 1 minute period or more than 70 times in a 24 hour period. This prevents over-correction.

Training Tip: Use praise or treats to reward quiet behavior when your dog stops barking to reinforce the lesson.

Customers Love the Results!

Thousands of customers find the PetSafe citronella spray collars like the popular GentleSpray are effective at reducing excessive barking for good behavior. Just read these reviews:

“I can finally leave my dog in the yard without annoying the neighbors with constant barking. After just a few days of use, he learned when to chill out. The citronella scent isn’t overwhelming either.” – Linda R.

“This collar was a lifesaver for our very vocal beagle mix. She caught on quickly that the smell means stop barking. It’s much more humane than shock collars. I’m glad we tried it.” – Mark P.

“I used the PetSafe spray collar to train my pup not to bark and lunge at people passing by on walks. He caught on fast with the negative reinforcement. It has really improved his manners and socialization.” – Anne S.

With the PetSafe Citronella Spray Refills, you can maintain the performance and keep your collar working optimally. The 3-pack ensures you have enough cartridges handy for months of effective training. Order today and help your noisy dog learn better bark control the gentle, humane way. We stand behind the quality with our satisfaction guarantee.


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