Petrainer Shock Collar for Dogs – The Safe and Effective Training Solution for Your Furry Friend


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Is your furry friend a bit too rambunctious? Are they prone to ignoring your commands or running off during walks? Don’t despair – with the right training tools, even the most stubborn pup can learn proper manners and obedience. This is where the Petrainer Shock Collar comes in. Designed by experts and trusted by owners, this humane and effective training collar quickly gets results.

Three Safe Correction Modes for Effective Training

The Petrainer Shock Collar doesn’t rely on just one training method. Instead, it offers three safe correction modes – shock, vibration, and beep – so you can find the right training cue for your dog. The 0-100 sensitivity levels allow you to start with very gentle guidance and increase the intensity as needed. The collar delivers a light static shock that surprises pups without causing pain or fear. The vibration mode provides a gentle buzz that gets your dog’s attention, while the beep mode emits an audible cue. With three options at your fingertips, you can tailor training to fit your dog’s unique personality and needs.

Waterproof for Fun Water Adventures

Just because your dog is wearing a training collar doesn’t mean playtime has to end! The Petrainer Shock Collar is 100% waterproof so your pooch can keep splashing and swimming without issues. No need to remove the collar every time you want to play fetch in the pond or take a dip at the beach. Training continues seamlessly from backyard play to lake romps and everything in between. Water, dirt, mud and rain are no match for this durable, waterproof design.

Rechargeable Collar for Convenience

With the included USB charging cable, powering up the Petrainer Shock Collar couldn’t be easier. The receiver collar and remote transmitter both charge simultaneously so you don’t have to wait to start each piece individually. A single charge provides hours of operation, ensuring the collar won’t run out of juice in the middle of an important training session. The intelligent power-saving mode conserves battery life when not in use. No more hassling with disposable batteries!

Customizable Fit for All Size Dogs

Finding a training collar to fit your dog perfectly is no problem with the adjustable 14-25 inch strap. Simply use the buckle to loosen or tighten the collar until it rests comfortably on your pup’s neck. The adjustable range means one collar suits everything from tiny pups to large breed dogs. Get the perfect custom fit for your small, medium or large dog the first time without needing to exchange for different sizes. The receiving module is made lightweight so dogs can wear it comfortably.

Train Your Dog Near and Far

Take your training to the backyard, around the neighborhood or to wide open parks with the outstanding 330 yard range. Maintain control of your dog up to three football fields away thanks to the long-range signal. The remote transmitter allows you to correct and reinforce behaviors even when your pup is far away exploring. Easily train your dog off-leash without constantly needing to shorten the distance between you. Extend training boundaries and your dog’s freedom.

Expertly Designed for Safe, Effective Use

Our engineering team meticulously designed the Petrainer Shock Collar with your dog’s health and safety as the top priority. The training levels increase incrementally to avoid over-stimulation. Safety features such as the automatic shut-off prevent overuse. The prongs sit securely against your dog’s skin for consistent sensation. Hundreds of hours of testing and refining went into creating a humane product you can trust. As caring pet owners ourselves, we know you want effective training without pain or fear.

Correct Your Dog’s Behavior Problems

Has your dog developed any annoying or potentially dangerous habits? The Petrainer Shock Collar provides a fast, compassionate way to curb problem behaviors like excessive barking, aggression towards other dogs or people, running off or not listening to commands. Remember, you should always avoid harsh punishment and instead reward good behavior. An obedience training collar reinforces those positive lessons.

A Training Tool Trusted by Experts

From first time pet owners to professional dog trainers, the Petrainer Shock Collar delivers outstanding results. The remote transmitter puts you in control of the training cues, allowing you to react instantly to reinforce desired behaviors and correct unwanted ones. Expert trainers appreciate the choice of multiple modes and sensitivity levels to match different dogs and situations. Even if you’ve never used an e-collar before, the easy-to-follow manual teaches you how to train humanely and effectively.

Start Your Dog’s Obedience Training Today

Stop worrying about your dog’s unruly behavior and start working towards the obedient, well-mannered pup you want. The Petrainer Shock Collar offers everything you need for successful training in a single convenient package. The included USB charging cable keeps the power flowing and lets you focus on the training sessions instead of fiddling with batteries. Adjust the custom-fit collar in seconds and get started using the intuitive remote transmitter. With the Petrainer Shock Collar, you can enjoy better behavior from your furry friend starting today!


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