Petrainer PET998DRU1 Dog Training Collar with Remote – Stop Unwanted Barking and Correct Other Dog Behavioral Issues


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Tired of your dog’s excessive barking, leash pulling, or other behavior issues? The Petrainer PET998DRU1 dog training collar provides a safe, humane, and highly effective solution. This customizable remote training system allows you to reinforce good behavior and correct unwanted habits from up to 1000ft away.

With the Petrainer collar, you can easily get your dog’s attention, interrupt problem behaviors, and reinforce obedience training. The remote sends signals to the lightweight, waterproof receiver worn by your dog. You have total control over the stimulation level, from 1 for the most sensitive dogs up to 100 for the most stubborn.

Choose from vibration, beep tone, or progressive static stimulation to find the right training cue for your dog’s temperament. The stimulation safely mimics a mother’s nip to get a pup’s attention and cause no harm. Increase the level only as needed to achieve the training goal. Most dogs respond to lower settings. The progressive static helps prevent your dog from acclimating to one level.

The intuitive, ergonomic Petrainer remote offers both momentary and continuous stimulation buttons. This allows you to apply a brief correction or a longer stimulation if your dog does not comply. Two metal contact points deliver signals directly through your dog’s fur. An auto-protect mode keeps the receiver from overheating.

Train Your Dog Without Stress or Limitations

Stop excessive, nuisance barking
Correct digging, chewing, jumping, and other unwanted behaviors
Reduce leash pulling while walking
Reinforce recall and stay commands
Obedience train in remote areas up to 1000ft range
Use vibration or tone for hearing impaired dogs
Waterproof receiver for training anywhere
Customizable stimulation level safe for all dog breeds
Automatically powers down to prevent overheating

Humanize Your Training with Progressive Static Stimulation

The Petrainer remote training collar takes the guesswork out of finding the right stimulation level for your dog. Most collars have between 1-100 levels, requiring you to manually increase the intensity until your dog responds. If you jump too quickly to a high level, you risk causing your dog pain, fear, or distrust.

With the Petrainer collar’s innovative progressive static mode, the stimulation intensity automatically increases the longer your dog does not comply. This allows you to start at a low level your dog can barely perceive and cause no pain. If your dog does not respond, the intensity progressively increases just enough to get their attention. Once your dog complies, the stimulation stops.

Progressive static stimulation provides two key benefits:

Finds your dog’s ideal working level automatically to get the training results you want without overstimulating
Prevents your dog from adapting and requiring constantly higher intensities
Over time, your dog will learn to comply at the slightest stimulation to avoid the increase in intensity. This makes training more humane, effective, and easier than ever.

Foolproof System Works for All Dog Breeds

The Petrainer remote training system includes everything you need to get started. The waterproof receiver features a light, adjustable collar for a snug fit on dogs 5 pounds and up. Recharge both the remote and collar simultaneously so they are always ready for your next training session.

Whether you have a headstrong Husky, high-energy Lab, or rescued mutt with stubborn tendencies, this collar has the versatility to work. Choose from a nearly limitless range of stimulation levels to suit any temperament and training challenge. Progressive static combines with the remote’s convenient buttons to make the system easy for professional dog trainers yet simple enough for first-time owners.

Take Your Training Anywhere Within 1000ft Range

With 5 adjustable stimulation modes and up to 1000ft of range, you can reinforce training and correct misbehavior at home or on-the-go. The remote control’s ergonomic design is easy to hold and use for long periods. The layout puts all stimulation modes within easy reach of your thumb during walks.

Train your dog at the park, hiking trails, open fields, and anywhere else within a third of a mile. The waterproof receiver even makes it possible to train near water or in the rain. Combined with the wider range, you can start training behaviors from farther away and with more distractions than ever before.

Put an End to Behavioral Issues Without Force

Forget old-fashioned or inhumane methods. The Petrainer collar stops your dog’s excessive barking, leash pulling, aggression, and other problem behaviors using progressive, humane stimulation. This customized training system helps you reinforce obedience and correct unwanted habits from up to 1000ft away.

Regain the companionship of a well-trained dog using the safe, effective Petrainer PET998DRU1 remote dog training collar today!


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