PetPlate Chicken Apple Sausage Bites – Grain Free, Human Grade Dog Treats Made with Real Meat and Organic Ingredients – Vet Designed for All Life Stages


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Give your dog a mouthwatering treat made with real chicken and apples – PetPlate Chicken Apple Sausage Bites! These grain free, human grade treats are vet crafted with premium organic ingredients.

Deliciously Meaty Dog Treats with Chicken and Apple

These sausage bites are a tasty blend of chicken and organic apples that dogs absolutely love. Savory chicken provides a boost of protein while apples offer natural flavor and nutrients. Your dog will drool for these bite-sized morsels bursting with flavor.

Human Grade Ingredients You Can Trust

Made with only premium human grade ingredients, PetPlate uses real chicken, organic apples, and pumpkin in these vet-designed treats. No mystery ingredients – just quality recognizable foods your own family would eat.

Grain Free with No Fillers, By-Products or Artificial Flavors

Carefully crafted to be grain free, these treats contain no wheat, soy, corn or fillers, just wholesome ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives either.

High Protein Supports Muscles, Joints and Mobility

The chicken provides a high protein content to promote strong muscles, joint health, and energy levels. These meaty bites are great for active dogs who need protein to fuel their play.

Perfect Training Treats for Dogs of All Ages

These soft, chewy treats are the ideal size for rewarding your dog during training. Their small bite size is perfect for puppies too. Plus, dogs of all ages love the tasty chicken and apple flavor.

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ “My dog FLIPS out when he sees me grab the bag of chicken apple sausage treats – he loves them! Plus I feel good about the ingredients.”

★★★★★ “These are the perfect size for training treats. My puppy loves the taste and begs to do more tricks for these bites!”

★★★★★ “My senior dog seems more eager to train when chicken apple sausage is her reward! Very enticing aroma and flavor.”

★★★★★ “Finally found a quality treat my picky dog enjoys! The apple and chicken combo is a big hit. Plus made in the USA.”

Made in the USA and Satisfaction Guaranteed

PetPlate proudly manufactures these premium dog treats in the United States. Their treats are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee too.

Give your dog a mouthwatering tasty treat they’re sure to love – PetPlate Chicken Apple Sausage Bites!


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