Petmegoo 5-Foot Strong Blue Dog Leash for Large and Medium Dogs – Reflective Leash with Padded Handle for Comfort and Visibility


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Keep your large or medium dog safe and secure on walks with the Petmegoo 5-Foot Strong Blue Dog Leash. This leash is specifically designed for dogs 18-120 lbs with its durable construction and comfortable padded handle.

Heavy Duty and Durable for Large Dogs

The Petmegoo leash is made of strong nylon rope that can withstand pulling and chewing from even the most energetic large dogs. The internal metal clasp is reinforced to resist rust, corrosion, and breakage. Walk your dog with confidence knowing this leash can handle the strength of a powerful puller without snapping.

Reflective Strands for Visibility

Keep your dog visible and avoid accidents during night walks with the highly reflective threads woven throughout the leash. The bright reflective fibers reflect light from headlights and streetlamps to alert cars and bicyclists to you and your dog’s presence. No need to worry about low visibility jeopardizing your dog’s safety.

Comfortable Padded Handle

A dog leash is only as good as its handle. This leash features a soft foam handle that molds to your hand for a comfortable, non-slip grip. The padding helps prevent rope burns and hand fatigue when managing large dogs that tend to pull hard during walks. You’ll appreciate the comfortable handle during long walks or high-energy playtime at the park.

Perfect 5-Foot Length

At 5 feet long, this leash provides the ideal balance of control and freedom for your dog. Give your large dog room to move and sniff, while maintaining control to rein them in when needed. The length makes it easy to avoid tangling the leash or having too much slack. Ideal for casual walks, running, obedience training, and any activity with your energetic dog.

Lightweight Nylon Design

Made from lightweight nylon, this leash only weighs 7.2oz to prevent hand and arm fatigue during long walks. The durable nylon rope also helps absorb shock and pulling force from sudden lunges or jumps. Take your strong puller on a lengthy hike or jog without discomfort from a heavy, bulky leash.

For Large and Medium Breeds

Designed for dogs 18-120lbs, this leash is the perfect strength and size for large breed dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Collies, Boxers, and more. It also works for sturdy medium breed dogs that need extra control like American Bulldogs, Dalmatians, Australian Shepherds and other active herding breeds.

Ideal for Various Activities

Use this versatile leash for:

  • Daily walks in the neighborhood or park
  • Running or jogging with your energetic dog
  • Playing fetch at the dog park
  • Obedience training and rally classes
  • Hiking through the woods
  • Camping trips with the family
  • Visits to outdoor cafes and restaurants

Wherever your adventures take you and your dog, this leash provides strength, comfort, and visibility for safety.

Easy to Clean and Care For

The nylon material simply rinses clean with soap and water. Avoid bleach or harsh detergents to maintain the reflective fabric fibers. Hang to air dry out of direct sunlight. Periodically inspect for wear and damage to the rope or metal clasps.

Order the Petmegoo Dog Leash Today!

Don’t risk the durability and comfort of cheap rope leashes that can’t handle large dogs. Provide your pet with a leash designed specifically for their size and energy level. Order the Petmegoo 5-Foot Strong Blue Dog Leash today to enjoy safer, more comfortable walks with your best friend. We stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee.


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