Petmate Breakaway Safety Cat Collar – Keep Your Cat Safe and Stylish


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Your feline friend deserves nothing but the best, including when it comes to their collar. That’s why the Petmate Aspen Pet Breakaway Cat Collar is the perfect choice. With a sleek, durable design and a variety of widths and colors, this collar allows you to keep your cat secure while also showing off their unique personality.

Breakaway Design for Added Safety

The Petmate breakaway cat collar features a patented breakaway buckle that is designed to release when tugged. This helps prevent your cat from getting caught on branches or furniture and being injured. As cat owners, we never want to run the risk of our furry friends getting tangled up and choking. With the Petmate breakaway collar, you can have peace of mind knowing your cat will be released if their collar gets hooked.

Durable and Secure Double D-Ring Closure

The collar secures with a heavy-duty double d-ring closure made of sturdy plastic. This ensures a nice and snug fit so your cat’s collar won’t be slipping off all the time. The smooth, rounded edges of the d-ring prevent any irritation or discomfort for your cat. You can adjust the fit as needed for the perfect customization.

Variety of Widths and Colors

This Petmate cat collar comes in a variety of widths, ranging from 3/8 inch to 1 inch. This allows you to find the perfect size collar for your cat based on their neck circumference. For kittens and smaller breeds, choose a narrow 3/8 inch collar. Medium and large adult cats typically do best with a 1/2 inch wide collar. The collar also comes in an assortment of colors like black, pink, blue, red and more so you can match your cat’s unique personality.

Made from Durable Nylon Material

Constructed from durable nylon webbing, this cat collar is designed to be strong and long-lasting. It won’t stretch out or lose its shape even after months of daily wear. The smooth nylon material won’t snag your cat’s fur like some collars can. It’s also weatherproof so it can withstand exposure to the elements when your cat is out exploring.

Reflective Threads for Visibility

Along the length of the collar is reflective thread stitching. This allows the collar to reflect light in dim conditions, making it easier for you to spot your cat. It’s an important safety feature, especially for outdoor cats that may be roaming at night.

Designed for Comfort

Your cat’s comfort is top priority, which is why this Petmate cat collar has a smooth, flat design without bulky buckles or clasps. The edges lay flat against your cat’s neck to prevent chafing or irritation. It’s lightweight as well so your cat won’t even notice they’re wearing it!

Easy to Clean

The Petmate cat collar can be cleaned easily by hand washing and air drying. Simply use a small amount of mild soap and warm water to scrub away dirt. Give it a good rinse and allow to fully air dry before putting it back on your cat. Keeping the collar clean means it will last even longer.

Secure Collar with ID Tag

The Petmate collar has a metal D-ring where you can attach your cat’s ID tags. This allows your cat to be identifiable if they ever get lost. Make sure the collar is adjusted properly so the tags don’t slide off the end. The ID tags should fit snugly against your cat’s neck.

Trusted Petmate Brand

With over 50 years of experience making pet products, Petmate is a brand you can trust. Their breakaway cat collars are designed with safety, security, comfort and style in mind. Petmate puts pets first, so you can feel good choosing this collar for your precious cat.

Keep Your Cat Safe in Style

Don’t settle for just any cat collar. Give your feline the comfort, security and style they deserve with the Petmate Aspen Pet Breakaway Cat Collar. With its smart safety features, durable design and variety of color options, this collar checks all the boxes. Your cat will look fashionable while staying protected.


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