PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar for Large Dog – Train & Control Your Dog’s Barking from up to 3600Ft Away!


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Is your dog’s constant barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? Don’t worry – the PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar for Large Dog is here to help train your pooch and control excessive barking from up to 3600ft away! This innovative bark and training collar combo allows you to choose between automatic and remote control modes to curb barking and reinforce positive behavior.

With the handy remote control, you can activate the collar from anywhere within 3600ft to issue a safe but effective static correction. The automatic bark detection feature uses a microphone to sense barks and emit a mild static stimulus without remote activation to teach your dog to stop barking.

This waterproof bark collar for large dogs also has 5 adjustable sensitivity levels to avoid over-correcting. The receiver can pair with 2 included collars to control 2 dogs at once or separately. Plus, the rechargeable battery provides power for up to 30 days per charge!

Train your dog and put an end to excessive barking with the safe, humane, and highly effective PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar. Read on to learn more about how this innovative bark and training collar can help control your dog’s barking and reinforce good behavior!

Key Features

  • Remote control mode allows correcting your dog’s behavior from up to 3600ft away
  • Automatic bark detection mode automatically senses and deters excessive barking
  • Works with 2 collars to control 2 dogs simultaneously or separately
  • 5 adjustable sensitivity levels prevent over-correction
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days per charge
  • Fully waterproof receiver & remote – IP67 rated

Take Control Over Your Dog’s Barking

Excessive and uncontrolled barking can quickly become a nuisance to you and your neighbors. But you don’t have to suffer in silence or resort to extreme measures – the PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar allows you to take control over your dog’s barking and train them to stop.

With the included remote control, you can activate the collar from up to 3600ft away to deter your dog from barking and reinforce quiet behavior. The remote has a range of up to 1/2 mile, so you can correct your dog’s barking even when you’re far away at the park, on a walk, or relaxing in your backyard.

The automatic bark detection mode uses a high-quality microphone to sense when your dog barks unnecessarily. Every time they bark excessively, the collar will emit a safe but startling static correction to teach your dog to stop barking. This function works by itself, without the remote control.

Having both automatic and remote options makes the PetJoy bark collar incredibly versatile for controlling your dog’s barking in any situation. Plus, you can switch between modes easily as needed for customized training.

Customizable Sensitivity Levels

All dogs have different barking thresholds, so the PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar features 5 adjustable sensitivity levels. This allows you to find the right setting for your dog that discourages excessive barking but avoids over-correction.

To adjust the sensitivity, simply press the power button on the collar receiver 3 times. Each press changes the sensitivity level, as indicated by the LED lights:

  • Level 1: High Sensitivity (LED flashes 1 time)
  • Level 2: Medium-High Sensitivity (LED flashes 2 times)
  • Level 3: Medium Sensitivity (LED flashes 3 times)
  • Level 4: Medium-Low Sensitivity (LED flashes 4 times)
  • Level 5: Low Sensitivity (LED flashes 5 times)

This adjustability ensures the collar deters excessive barking without overreacting to occasional barks. Find the right setting for your dog’s unique needs and only correct truly unnecessary barking.

Train & Control 2 Dogs at Once

Tired of wearing out your voice trying to train two rambunctious pups? The PetJoy Bark Collar allows you to control TWO dogs at the same time with the included 2 collars. The remote pairs with both collars so you can train multiples dogs simultaneously.

Or, use the different pairing settings to control each collar separately. Correct one dog’s barking without triggering the other collar. Having two collars included allows flexible control over one or two dogs with a single remote.

Humane, Safe, and Effective

While controlling your dog’s barking is important, safety and humanity should always come first. That’s why the PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar uses proven, safe static correction technology rather than inhumane shock methods.

The static pulse it delivers when activated is startling but harmless. It teaches your dog not to bark unnecessarily without doing any physical harm. Extensive testing shows static correction to be an effective deterrent.

The nylon collar strap has rounded edges for comfort while the contact points have a curved design to hug your dog’s neck safely. Quick-release buckles make it easy to get the collar on and off your dog quickly and securely.

By relying on progressive static correction instead of punishment, the PetJoy collar humanely and effectively trains your dog to stop excessively vocalizing and barking.

Fully Waterproof for Outdoor Use

Don’t let rain or your dog’s swimming habits stop you from curbing barking. The PetJoy Bark Collar receiver and remote are 100% waterproof with an IP67 rating. This means both can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep without any damage.

Feel free to use this bark collar outside in wet conditions or while your dog is swimming. The waterproofing ensures rain and splashing won’t hinder the functionality. Static corrections will be delivered consistently whether your pooch is dry or soaking wet.

Plus, the waterproofing makes this collar easy to clean after outdoor adventures with just soap and water. No need to worry about getting it wet – just rinse clean and keep using!

Long-Lasting Power

You shouldn’t have to stop training your dog just because the battery died. That’s why the PetJoy Bark Collar uses a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery that provides lasting power on a single charge:

  • Collar receiver: up to 30 days of use
  • Remote control: up to 90 days of use

This long battery life means you can train your dog consistently without inconvenient recharging. Use the automatic bark detection daily and utilize the remote regularly without running out of power quickly.

LED light indicators let you know when the battery is low so you can charge up. But you’ll enjoy weeks of reliable performance from each component between charges. Say goodbye to constantly recharging this collar!

Take Control of Your Dog’s Barking

Don’t let your dog’s constant barking cause problems with your neighbors, disturb your family, or interrupt your own peace and quiet. The PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar makes it easy to control your dog’s vocalizations for a more harmonious home.

With remote-activated corrections and automatic bark detection, you can reinforce quiet behavior from anywhere. Adjustable sensitivity levels give you control over the amount of static stimulus to avoid over-correcting your dog. And the waterproof, long-lasting battery ensures this collar works overtime to train your dog effectively.

Take control over nuisance barking and restore peace to your home. Get the PetJoy Bark Collar today to humanely stop excessive barking and train your dog to be quiet!


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