Petiry Durable Metal Chain Dog Leash for Small Dogs – With Padded Handle for Comfort


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Give your small dog superior control and comfort on walks with the Petiry Durable Metal Chain Dog Leash. This leash features a high-quality metal chain design and soft padded handle to provide strength, durability and comfort for you and your pup.

The metal chain on this leash measures 4 feet long and uses 2.0mm thick links made from rust-resistant iron with a multi-layer chrome plating. This helps prevent chewing damage while providing superior tensile strength to securely hold even strong pullers. The chain remains lightweight for easy handling.

Attached to the metal leash is a heavy-duty 360° swivel bolt snap hook made from sturdy zinc alloy. The swivel action prevents twisting of the leash during walks while the snap hook easily and securely attaches to your dog’s collar or harness without fumbling.

Your comfort is also ensured thanks to the ergonomic padded handle on this dog leash. It features a soft nylon exterior and PU leather padding to create a cushioned grip. This prevents hand fatigue even during longer walks. The handle also has ventilation holes to allow air flow and moisture wicking.

In addition to comfort, the Petiry metal chain dog leash provides excellent control and training capabilities. The metal chain doesn’t stretch like nylon leashes, giving you superior control over your dog’s movement. This allows you to easily rein in your pet and correct unwanted behaviors like pulling, jumping or lunging.

With its durable metal chain design, swivel snap hook, and padded handle, this leash is perfect for small dog owners who want a sturdy and comfortable leash for daily walking and training. It provides excellent control without sacrificing comfort.


Durable metal chain won’t fray or tear like nylon leashes
Rust-resistant chain with multi-layer chrome plating prevents chewing damage
Provides excellent control over your dog’s movement for training
Heavy-duty swivel snap hook securely attaches to collar/harness
Padded handle ensures comfort and prevents hand fatigue
Ventilated padding helps with moisture wicking during longer walks
Ideal for small dog owners who need durability, control and comfort

Chain Length: 4 feet
Chain Width: 2.0mm iron links
Coating: Multi-layer chrome plating
Hook: Zinc alloy bolt snap, swivel design
Handle: Nylon exterior, PU leather padding
Ventilation: Holes in padded handle
Color: Black
Weight: 6.4 oz
Quality Construction for Years of Use

The Petiry metal dog leash is carefully constructed to provide lasting performance you can rely on. It all starts with the high-quality iron chain that maintains its integrity even after regular use. The rust-resistant chrome plating also allows the chain to maintain its appearance and function through exposure to the elements.

The swivel snap hook keeps the leash securely attached to your dog’s collar while preventing annoying twisting. Its made from rugged zinc alloy to withstand daily walks and maintain smooth operation.

Finally, the padded handle uses tightly woven nylon on the exterior to create a durable grip surface. This is layered over comfortable PU leather padding secured with reinforced stitching. With ventilation holes to prevent moisture build up, the handle remains comfortable during extended use.

Overall, this leash is made with your dog’s safety and your comfort in mind. With quality craftsmanship and durable materials, you can enjoy many years of walks and training with your small dog.

Walks Your Way

The Petiry chain dog leash is designed for versatility to accommodate your walking needs. Use it daily for regular neighborhood strolls, trips to the park or venturing to outdoor cafes. The metal chain gives you control over your pet while the padded handle ensures comfortable handling.

You can also use this leash for training and obedience work. The limited stretch of the chain makes it easy to rein in your dog and correct unwanted behaviors. The lack of extension helps your pet understand they can’t get away with pulling, jumping or lunging.

On hiking adventures, the durable chain provides security and visibility for your pet. The bright chrome plating lets you keep an eye on your dog through brush and foliage. You’ll appreciate the strength and chew resistance when exploring trails and wilderness.

For urban use, the metal chain stands out against dark asphalt allowing you to easily keep track of your leashed dog. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to manage your pet through crowds and busy intersections.

Wherever your travels take you and your small dog, this well-constructed leash adapts to provide the control, comfort and security you need.

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