Petcakes Birthday Cake Kit for Dogs – Make a Frosty Carob Cake with Candle for Your Dog’s Special Day


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Celebrate your furry friend’s birthday with a homemade doggie cake using the Petcakes Birthday Cake Kit! This fun kit makes baking a tasty treat easy.

Paw-shaped Reusable Cake Pan for Dog-Friendly Carob Cake

This kit includes a reusable bone-shaped cake pan to bake the carob cake mix right into a doggie bone shape your pup will love! The unique paw print design bakes right into the cake for an adorable look.

Add Water for Moist Carob Cake Dogs Adore

Simply add water to the carob cake mix and bake for a moist, dog-friendly cake. Carob contains nutrients but has a mild chocolatey taste dogs can’t resist. No sugar, salt or wheat creates a sweet treat that’s safe for dogs.

Frosting Mix Whips Up Yummy Yogurt Icing

The included yogurt frosting packet whips up into a smooth, creamy icing in no time. Yogurt adds protein to make this frosting extra nutritious for your pup. Spread onto the cooled cake for a festive frosted finish.

Dog-Safe Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

The Petcakes cake and frosting contain no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives – just wholesome ingredients made in the USA. You can feel good baking this special homemade treat for your four-legged friend.

Fun Birthday Candle for Your Dog’s Party

A birthday isn’t complete without a candle! The Petcakes kit includes a cute dog bone-shaped candle to top your pup’s cake for their special day. Snap a pic of your dog wearing a birthday hat posed next to their yummy cake.

Reusable Pan Makes Future Doggie Cakes a Breeze

The sturdy bone-shaped aluminum baking pan can be washed and reused again and again to whip up homemade cakes on future birthdays or special occasions. Cooking for your dog has never been easier.

Delight Your Dog with a Special Homemade Treat

Dogs love celebrating with their own “pupcake” on their big day! Your furry friend will be so excited to see a cake just for them at their birthday party. Make their day extra special with this fun homemade treat.

Customer Reviews

“I followed the easy instructions to make my dog the perfect birthday cake! She gobbled up every crumb and loved posing for the birthday pics.” – Amanda R.

“My dog gets so excited when he sees me take out this cake pan because he knows it means cake for him! I’ve used it for two of his birthdays now.” – Max T.

“Even my picky eater dog scarfed down this wholesome carob cake! The bone shape with paw prints is just adorable. I’ll reuse this pan for sure.” – Brian S.

“I love making my senior dog a cake with ingredients I feel good about. The frosting seals the yummy deal! She thinks it’s her birthday every time I bake one.” – Lauren D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cake ingredients?

Water, carob chip, honey, eggs, canola oil, molasses, natural flavors.

What size is the cake?

The bone-shaped cake measures approximately 7″ x 4.5″ x 3″ for 1 dog.

How long does it take to make?

You just need about 10 minutes prep time. Bake for 20-25 minutes then cool before frosting.

What if my dog can’t have an ingredient?

Check the allergen list and substitute as needed. Many items can be swapped.

Can I make this for my cat?

We don’t recommend this cake for cats as some ingredients may not suit them.

Make your pup’s birthday extra special with a cake just for them! Use the Petcakes Birthday Cake Kit to whip up doggie “pupcakes” for your furry best friend.


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