Petbank LED Dog Collar – Super Bright 1600ft Visibility


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Keep your dog safe and seen at night with the Petbank LED Light Up Dog Collar. This premium dog collar features 1600 feet of super bright visibility to prevent accidents and keep your pup secure in low light conditions.

Unmatched Brightness & Visibility Up to 1600ft

The Petbank LED dog collar has unmatched brightness and visibility up to 1600 feet away. The super bright LED lights are visible from over a quarter mile away, ensuring drivers and pedestrians can see your dog from a distance in low light. No more worrying about your pet wandering off into the night or being impossible to see on evening walks.

7 RGB Colors & 5 Lighting Modes

With 7 brilliant RGB colors and 5 lighting modes, this LED dog collar allows you to customize the lighting to your needs and preferences. Choose from steady light, fast flashing, slow color changing, color fade, or color fade with fast flash. Easily find the perfect setting for your walks or outings.

Fully Rechargeable & Long Lasting

The Petbank LED dog collar is conveniently USB rechargeable, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. It fully charges in just 40-50 minutes and lasts over 10 hours per charge. The long-lasting battery life means you can feel confident it will make it through evening dog walks with power to spare.

Durable & Water Resistant Design

Built to last, this LED dog collar is made from sturdy nylon webbing with a high gloss PVC light-transmitting strip for durability. It also features reflective stitching to provide visibility when unpowered. The collar has an IP65 waterproof rating to withstand splashes and moist weather. While not suitable for swimming, it can hold up to those unexpected drizzles and downpours during walks. Fits necks 15 to 26 inches.

Safety First

Don’t risk your dog’s safety with collars that lack adequate visibility. The super bright 1600 foot visibility of the Petbank LED Dog Collar keeps your pup safe and seen when you’re out after dark. No more worrying about cars, cyclists or pedestrians accidentally not seeing your dog on late walks.

Customizable Lighting

With 7 color options and 5 lighting modes, you can easily customize the Petbank LED dog collar to suit your needs. Set it to a single color or use color changing modes to help you quickly identify your dog at the dog park or in low light conditions. Match your dog’s personality with their collar lighting.

Rechargeable Convenience

This LED dog collar delivers the latest in USB rechargeable convenience. No more buying packs of batteries that waste money and harm the environment. A full charge lasts over 10 hours and takes just 40-50 minutes. The included USB cable makes recharging a breeze.

Rugged & Weatherproof

The durable nylon webbing and high gloss PVC light strip hold up to active dogs and weather. The collar has an IP65 weatherproof rating to withstand splashes, rain and moist weather. Your dog can adventure worry-free in this rugged LED dog collar.

Premium LED Dog Collar

The Petbank Dog Collar uses premium LEDs to deliver unmatched 1600 foot visibility keeping your dog safe at night. With 7 colors, 5 modes, USB recharging and durable construction, this collar provides premium features in a rugged, weatherproof package.

Your dog’s safety is a top priority on walks and outings after dark. Ensure drivers and pedestrians can see them from a distance with the super bright 1600 foot visibility of the Petbank LED Dog Collar. With 7 brilliant colors and 5 lighting modes, you can customize the lighting to your needs while recharging conveniently via USB. Built rugged and weatherproof, it’s designed to handle active dogs and moist weather while keeping them seen. Pick up the Petbank Dog Collar for your dog’s safety and customize the lighting for their personality.


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