Pet Parents Gnawtlers Premium Elk Antlers – Naturally Shed Antlers for Dogs – All Natural Dog Chew Bones and Dental Treats


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Give your furry friend a tasty, long-lasting chew they’ll go wild for with Pet Parents Gnawtlers Premium Elk Antlers! These naturally shed antlers are hand-selected for quality to create the ultimate chew experience.

Premium Grade Elk Antlers Ethically Sourced in the USA

Pet Parents starts with premium grade, naturally shed elk antlers sustainably collected in heartland regions of the USA. No elk are harmed in the process. Only the highest quality antlers are hand-picked for use as Gnawtlers based on their weight, density, color, freshness, length and shape.

Long-Lasting Dog Chew for Powerful Chewers

These long-lasting elk antlers stand up to even the most powerful chewers, providing hours of chewing entertainment. The naturally abrasive texture helps clean teeth and gums as your dog gnaws. Plus, chewing releases feel-good endorphins to relax and destress your dog.

Nutrient-Packed Natural Dog Treat

Elk antlers are packed with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc – a healthy, low-calorie treat alternative. These naturally mineral-rich bones contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Elk antlers have no odor and leave no mess or stains behind.

Ideal Chew for Dogs Large and Small

These large-sized antlers measure 6-7 inches long, making them the perfect chew size for dogs 40-60 lbs. The sculpted shape gives larger dogs something substantial to really sink their teeth into. Smaller dogs may take longer to work through an antler.

Discourages Destructive Chewing Behaviors

Gnawing on these tasty elk antlers helps satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew. Providing a healthy chew outlet can discourage destructive chewing behaviors. Owners love these antlers for distracting dogs from chewing furniture, shoes and more!

Customer Reviews

“My German Shepherd chews through every toy I buy her… except these elk antlers! She’s had one for over a month now and still working on it. I’m buying a stockpile!” – Amanda R.

“These Gnawtlers are the only thing that have saved my shoes and couch from my teething Lab puppy! She happily chews them for hours instead of being destructive.” – Brian T.

“I love that these naturally shed antlers are ethically sourced. My dog has allergies but has no reaction to these. His breath is so much better after chewing too.” – Lauren S.

“My old dog struggles with arthritis in his jaw but he’s able to work through these elk antlers piece by piece. I like that they last him a while before he needs a new one.” – Max P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source elk antlers?

We ethically source naturally shed elk antlers from free-range habitat regions in the Western United States. No elk are harmed.

What nutrients do elk antlers contain?

Elk antlers contain calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and other minerals. They are low in fat and calories.

Are these suitable for puppies?

We recommend supervision for puppies and starting with a smaller size first. Check with your vet.

How long does one antler last?

Depending on chewing intensity, one antler can last 1-2 months or longer before needing to be replaced.

Can I give my dog more than one antler?

Yes, you can give them two antlers to switch between for extra long-lasting chewing fun!

Treat your dog to a tasty, nourishing chew that satisfies their instincts – Pet Parents Gnawtlers Premium Elk Antlers! Your dog will thank you with happy chewing.


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