Pet ‘n Shape Sweet Potato Chews Jerky Dog Treats – Grain Free Natural Chicken & Sweet Potato Snacks for Dogs


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Give your dog a delicious, nutritious snack with Pet ‘n Shape Sweet Potato Chews dog treats! These grain free jerky strips feature a tasty combo of chicken and sweet potato.

Grain Free Formula with Chicken and Sweet Potato

Pet ‘n Shape crafts these grain free treats using simple, natural ingredients. Savory chicken breast provides dogs with a healthy dose of protein. Meanwhile, sweet potato offers a natural source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Together they create a mouthwatering flavor dogs love! These jerky strips contain no wheat, corn or soy.

All Natural Ingredients

You can feel good rewarding your dog with these jerky treats because they are made with 100% all natural ingredients. Pet ‘n Shape uses real chicken and sweet potato with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. All ingredients are US lab tested for safety too.

High Protein Meaty Treats for Dogs

The chicken breast is the first ingredient, providing a substantial amount of lean protein to support your dog’s dietary needs. Protein is essential for building strong muscles and keeping your dog at a healthy weight. These meaty, chewy jerky strips will satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

Healthy Snack for Pups of All Shapes and Sizes

These tasty chicken and sweet potato treats make the perfect snack for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The jerky can be broken into smaller pieces to tailor the perfect reward size for your individual pup. Plus, they are lower in fat than some jerkys for a healthier training treat option.

Resealable Bag Keeps Treats Fresh

Pet ‘n Shape packages these natural treats in a conveniently resealable 1 pound bag to maintain optimal freshness and flavor. The bag keeps the chicken jerky soft and moist between snacking sessions. It also makes it easy to take these tasty training treats on the go.

Customer Reviews

“My dog absolutely devours these chicken jerky treats! I love that they have simple, natural ingredients. The sweet potato gives them an enticing flavor without unnecessary additives. Plus they keep her breath smelling fresh!” – Amanda S.

“I have a very picky eater but my puppy loves these chicken and sweet potato jerky strips. I feel better about giving jerky now that I’ve found an all natural kind. My dog’s coat looks great thanks to the protein too!” – Max T.

“I used Pet ‘n Shape jerky bits when training my newest rescue dog and they worked perfectly. I could easily break off tiny pieces to reward her during our short sessions. She loved the taste!” – Julie R.

“I appreciate that these jerky treats have recognizable ingredients I can actually pronounce! My senior dog enjoys chewing on these. I think the sweet potato helps lure her in. She seems more energetic after snack time too.” – Martha D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients?

Chicken Breast, Sweet Potatoes, Glycerin, Water, Salt. That’s it!

Are these made in the USA?

Yes, Pet ‘n Shape proudly handcrafts all their natural treats in the United States.

Can my puppy have these?

Absolutely! These are suitable for puppies over 12 weeks old. Always monitor your puppy while they enjoy any treat.

How often can I give these treats?

They can be given daily as a snack or special reward. Adjust according to your dog’s unique dietary needs.

What breeds love these jerky strips?

Dogs of all breeds and sizes go wild for these chicken and sweet potato jerky strips! Tail wags guaranteed.

Give your dog a nutritious and delicious jerky treat they are sure to love – grab a bag of Pet ‘n Shape Sweet Potato Chews today!


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