Pet ‘n Shape Long Lasting Chewz Dog Treats – Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Bones for Puppies and Adult Dogs


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Give your pup a tasty, long-lasting chew they’ll love with Pet ‘n Shape Long Lasting Chewz! These enticing bones feature a chicken-flavored rawhide wrap sprinkled with crispy brown rice crispies.

Deliciously Fun Chicken Chew Bones

These unique chewz have an irresistible chicken wrap that dogs go crazy for! Real chicken provides a savory flavor, while the crispy puffed rice adds fun crunch and texture. The chewy rawhide center provides a satisfyingly long-lasting chew to keep your dog happily occupied for hours.

Promotes Dental Health While Satisfying Chewing Urge

The rawhide bone shape allows dogs to satisfy their natural chewing instinct while helping clean teeth and gums as they gnaw. The act of chewing helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup to promote good dental hygiene. These chew bones give dogs a tasty, textured surface to sink their teeth into.

Fortified with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Pet ‘n Shape infuses these chewz with essential joint supplements glucosamine and chondroitin to support your dog’s mobility and flexibility. These compounds help maintain healthy cartilage, joints, and connective tissue in dogs of all ages.

Lab Tested for Safety and Quality

You can feel confident giving your dog these chicken wrapped rawhide bones. Pet ‘n Shape thoroughly lab tests all their products in the United States to ensure safety and optimal quality. The rawhide chews are carefully roasted for maximum flavor in every bite.

Long-Lasting Chew for Dogs Big and Small

These substantial 4-inch bones provide a satisfying chew experience for dogs of all sizes. Larger dogs can grip the ends as they steadily gnaw through the tasty chicken and crunchy exterior to reach the hearty rawhide interior. Smaller dogs may take a while to finish one bone.

Customer Reviews

“This is the only rawhide chew my aggressive chewer won’t demolish in 10 minutes. The chicken and rice coating keeps her interested until she gets to the inside. I don’t have to worry about her swallowing large pieces.” – Amanda L.

“I love giving my Lab these chicken chew bones as an alternative to other rawhide. He needs to chew but I worry about digestibility. These seem gentler on his stomach and the rice crispies give some variety.” – Brian S.

“Our puppy teethes nonstop and this is the one chew that holds up to her sharp little teeth! It keeps her happily occupied chewing instead of chomping our furniture and shoes!” – Lauren D.

“Our older dog struggles with arthritis but can’t resist a good chew. I like that these bones have joint supplements to support her mobility. The chicken coating tempts her to work through the chew.” – Martha R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are these chew bones?

Each bone is 4 inches long and has a 1 inch diameter – perfect for small, medium and large breed dogs.

What are the ingredients?

Chicken, Wheat Gluten, Rice Flour, Glycerin, Gelatin, Water, Vegetable Gum, Rawhide, Minerals and Vitamins.

Are these good for puppies?

Yes, these chewy bones are suitable for puppies over 3 months old. The chicken coating and smaller size make them enticing for puppies.

Can I give these to an aggressive chewer?

The durable rawhide inside stands up to the most aggressive chewers! The chicken coating helps slow down power chewers.

How often can I give these chew bones?

These tasty chewz can be given to your dog daily. One bone typically lasts multiple chewing sessions. Monitor your dog’s chewing and adjust frequency accordingly.

Give your faithful companion a mouthwatering chew to enjoy for hours on end! Pet ‘n Shape Long Lasting Chewz are the tasty, fortified bones your dog will love gnawing on all day long.


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