Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Breast Jerky Rings – Grain Free All Natural Dog Treats Made with Real Chicken (2 lb Bag)


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Give your dog a tasty, protein-packed reward they’ll go crazy for with Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Breast Jerky Rings! These natural jerky treats are made in the USA from 100% real chicken breast fillets shaped into mouthwatering rings.

100% Natural Chicken Breast

Made with just one simple, wholesome ingredient, these jerky rings contain real chicken breast fillets and nothing else. They are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health.

Irresistible Shape and Texture

These irresistible jerky rings feature a chewy yet crispy texture dogs love. Their unique ring shape makes them fun and easy for your dog to grab and nibble.

Grain Free Formula

Crafted with zero grains, corn, wheat or soy, these chicken treats are ideal for pups with food sensitivities. They contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Support Lean Muscle

Chicken is packed with protein to help build and maintain lean muscle mass. These meaty jerky rings are the perfect training or exercise treat.

Promote Healthy Skin and Coat

The natural omega fatty acids in chicken nourish skin and promote a shiny coat. Your pup’s coat will look its best when you reward with these jerky rings.

Single Source of Protein

With just one protein source, these simple treats are gentle on sensitive tummies. Chicken provides a clean protein for dogs with allergies.

Long-Lasting Chew Treat

These chewy jerky rings provide your dog with long-lasting enjoyment. Their texture satisfies dogs’ natural desire to chew.

Resealable Bag Seals in Freshness

The 2 pound bag features a convenient zipper closure to lock in freshness. Easily store and take these chicken treats anywhere.

Naturally Delicious Flavor

Dogs go wild for the mouthwatering flavor of real chicken. No wonder these jerky rings are a favorite for even the pickiest pups!

Made in Small Batches

Crafted in small batches and slow-roasted to perfection, Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Breast Jerky Rings boast incredible flavor in every piece.

Promotes Healthy Teeth

The texture of these chewy rings helps clean teeth and reduce plaque buildup as your dog nibbles.

Easily Torn into Pieces

These jerky rings can be torn into smaller pieces to use as training rewards or to provide portion control.

Convenient Size for Any Dog

These jerky rings measure approximately 1 inch thick, ideal for dogs both big and small. Every dog will love the mouthwatering chicken flavor.

All-Natural Ingredients

Containing no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, these wholesome jerky rings are gentle enough for every day treating.

Made in the USA

You can have confidence in the quality of these chicken jerky rings, which are crafted right here in the USA.

Budget-Friendly Price

Providing 2 pounds of all-natural jerky, this bag gives you maximum value. Reward your dog often without breaking the bank.

Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Treat

Chicken breast is a lean protein that gives dogs a tasty treat without excess calories or fat. These jerky rings are ideal for weight management.

No Artificial Smoky Flavor

Unlike some jerky treats, these 100% natural chicken rings get their delicious flavor from real chicken, not artificial smoke flavor.

Give your beloved companion a protein-packed, lean reward they’ll flip for with Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Breast Jerky Rings! These natural, mouthwatering jerky rings satisfy dogs’ desire to chew while providing a tasty chicken flavor they crave. Get some for your best furry friend today!


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