Pet ‘n Shape Chicken and Rice Dumbbell Dog Treats – Crunchy Rawhide Bones Stuffed with Natural Chicken and Brown Rice (1 lb Bag)


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Pamper your pooch with a tasty, healthy snack they’ll love with Pet ‘n Shape Chicken and Rice Dumbbell Dog Treats. These unique chew treats feature a chewy rawhide bone stuffed with a crunchy filling made from 100% natural chicken breast and brown rice. They provide the perfect bite-sized reward for dogs of all sizes.

100% Natural Ingredients

Made in the USA, these irresistible dumbbell-shaped treats contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. They are also wheat, corn and soy free. You can feel good rewarding your furry friend with these chicken and rice jerky treats made from simple, wholesome ingredients.

Crunchy Rawhide Chew Sticks

These natural rawhide bones have an irresistible texture that massage gums and help clean teeth as dogs chew. The chew sticks are easy to grip, making them perfect for entertaining and occupying your dog.

Chicken and Brown Rice Filling

The chicken and rice filling provides a delicious meaty flavor dogs love. Chicken is a lean source of protein to support your pup’s health. Brown rice gives the treats a pleasing crunch dogs adore.

Convenient Resealable Bag

The 1 pound bag features a zip closure to seal in freshness. The bag is lightweight and easy to store. Take the treats anywhere in the resealable bag.

Ideal Training Treat

Use these bite-sized jerky bones as rewards during training sessions. The small jerky dumbbells allow you to give your dog a tasty payoff for good behavior. Their mini size prevents overfeeding.

Provide Bonding Time

These chewy treats give you and your dog relaxing bonding time together. The durable rawhide bones provide long-lasting enjoyment. Watch your canine companion happily gnaw away at their chicken and rice bone.

Supports Dental Health

The rawhide promotes dental health by helping scrape away plaque and tartar as your dog chews. The abrasive texture also massages gums to improve circulation.

All-Natural, Single-Ingredient Treat

Free of artificial additives and made with just two ingredients – chicken and rice – these wholesome jerky bones are gentle on sensitive tummies. They make an excellent snack for dogs with allergies.

Irresistible Taste

Dogs go crazy for the mouthwatering flavor of real chicken wrapped around the savory crunch of brown rice. Your tail wagger will dance with joy when you give them one of these scrumptious chewy dumbbell treats!

Conveniently Sized

These mini rawhide bones measure approximately 3 inches long, perfect for small or large breed dogs. Their compact size allows dogs to finish each tasty chew in minutes.

Made in Small Batches

Crafted in small batches and slowly roasted to perfection, these high-quality rawhide bones boast superior taste. You can be confident they are safe for your pet.

Palatable Treat for Picky Eaters

Even finicky dogs go nuts over the dynamic crunch and savory chicken flavor. Owners of picky eaters say these dumbbell treats never last long!

Leave No Mess Behind

These clean, no-mess treats allow your dog to enjoy chewing without you having to deal with crumbs. Minimal crumbs mean less cleaning up!

Long-Lasting Enjoyment

The tough rawhide delivers long-lasting chewing entertainment. Dogs will spend hours happily gnawing on these tasty bone treats.

Satisfies Chewing Urge

The chewy jerky bones satisfy your dog’s innate urge to chew. Providing appropriate chew outlets like these chicken rawhide sticks prevents destructive chewing behaviors.

Savory Baked-In Flavor

Slow roasting fuses the rich chicken and rice filling deep into the rawhide for incredible baked-in flavor in every bite. Dogs keep coming back for more of the mouthwatering taste.

Curb Destructive Chewing

When you need to keep your dog occupied for hours, these long-lasting rawhide bones are the perfect solution. They satisfy your dog’s desire to chew, reducing damage to household items.

Give your dog a mouthwatering reward they’ll flip for with Pet ‘n Shape Chicken and Rice Dumbbell Dog Treats! These natural chewy rawhide bones stuffed with crunchy chicken and rice provide a delicious, mess-free chewing experience. Get some for your furry best friend today!


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