PET MAGASIN Natural Rawhide Chips – Thick Premium Beefhide Dog Chews for Dental Health and Long-Lasting Chewing Satisfaction


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Reward your dog with a hearty and healthy chew they’ll love – PET MAGASIN Natural Rawhide Chips! These premium rawhide chips are made from thick-cut beef hides to provide a satisfying, long-lasting chew.

The randomized shapes and varied thickness provide dynamic chewing textures to keep dogs engaged. These thick rawhide chips are flavored with an irresistible natural meaty aroma that dogs go wild for!

Made without any artificial additives or chemicals, these natural chips support clean teeth and healthy gums while providing hours of chewing enjoyment for medium to large breed dogs.

Premium thick-cut rawhide chips with natural beef flavor for dogs:

  • Thicker cut of long-lasting rawhide
  • Promotes dental health and clean teeth
  • Prevents destructive chewing behaviors
  • Irresistible natural meaty flavor
  • No artificial ingredients or chemicals
  • Random shapes for dynamic chewing
  • Processed to eliminate bacteria
  • From free-range grass-fed USA cattle

Thick-Cut Hide for Satisfying Chewing

These rawhide chips are made from a thicker cut of premium beef hide for a heartier, more satisfying chew. The varying thickness throughout the bag provides different levels of challenge as your dog works the hide.

This engages their mind and jaws for a dynamic chewing experience and added oral health benefits. The thicker rawhide holds up better to rigorous chewing from medium to large breed dogs.

Promotes Dog Dental Health and Hygiene

The rough, abrasive texture of rawhide effectively reduces plaque, cleans teeth surfaces and scrapes away tartar buildup as your dog chews. This natural abrasion polishes teeth and keeps gums healthy.

The chewing action also produces saliva which reduces bacteria in the mouth for noticeably fresher dog breath. Regular chewing habit promotes better oral hygiene.

Long-Lasting Chewing Satisfaction

These hearty rawhide chips provide hours of blissful chewing time for your dog. The long-lasting beefhide satisfies chewing urges and prevents destructive behaviors from developing out of boredom.

The random shapes give dynamic textures to keep your dog engaged and their mind stimulated. This productive chewing activity strengthens the human-canine bond as well.

Irresistible Natural Meat Flavor

Dogs go wild for these chips’ mouthwatering natural meaty aroma! No artificial flavors are added to the premium beefhide. Dogs love the rich, beefy smell and savory taste.

This pure meat flavor appeals to your dog’s wild instincts for unbeatable chewing motivation. They’ll come running as soon as they catch whiff of this appetizing treat!

Give your dog a nutritious chewing experience with PET MAGASIN premium thick-cut rawhide chips! Their natural flavor and dental health benefits make them the perfect satisfying, long-lasting chew.


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