PET MAGASIN Natural Rawhide Bones Dog Chews – 10-Pack of 4-5″ Bones for Small Dogs – Long-Lasting USA-Sourced Chewing Treats


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Give your small dog a natural and satisfying chew with PET MAGASIN Rawhide Bones! This 10-pack of petite rawhide bones provides long-lasting chewing enjoyment to keep your pup busy for hours.

Made from premium beef hide sourced from USA cattle, these all-natural chews feature a delicious meaty flavor dogs love. Theirbone shape and tough texture promote healthy chewing habits and effectively clean teeth and gums.

These 4-5 inch rawhide bones are perfectly sized for small and small-medium breed dogs. Reward your little chewer with a hygienic bone they can really sink their teeth into!

10-pack of small rawhide bones for little dogs:

  • 100% natural USA-sourced beef hide
  • Bone shape and petite size for small dogs
  • Long-lasting and tough to promote chewing
  • Cleans teeth and freshens doggie breath
  • Prevents destructive chewing behaviors
  • Delicious natural meaty flavor
  • No added chemicals or preservatives

Premium USA-Sourced Beef Hide

These rawhide bones are crafted from high-quality beef cattle hides sustainably sourced from the USA. Beef hide provides a robust natural chew that satisfies dogs’ chewing instinct.

The premium hides are gently processed to remove hair before being shaped into enticing bones. No artificial flavors, chemicals or preservatives are ever added – just pure natural rawhide with a delicious meaty aroma dogs love.

Cleans Teeth and Freshens Dog Breath

The rough texture and bone shape are ideal for removing tartar and plaque as your dog chews. The abrasive rawhide scrapes away buildup on teeth for cleaner, healthier teeth and gums.

Chewing also produces saliva that reduces bacteria in the mouth for noticeably fresher dog breath. Regularly chewing these raw bones keeps your dog’s dental hygiene in top shape.

Prevents Destructive Chewing Behaviors

These satisfying bones give your dog a productive chewing outlet for their natural chewing urges. Dogs often chew destructively when bored or anxious, so providing appropriate chews is key.

The enticing bone shape and tough texture will keep your pup happily occupied for hours. The long-lasting rawhide prevents destructive behaviors by providing a stimulating, focused activity to pass the time.

Petite Size Perfect for Small Dogs

These rawhide bones measure 4-5 inches long – the ideal size for little dogs. The petite dimensions allow small breeds and puppies to comfortably grip and chew the bones.

The smaller size also lets you monitor your dog’s chewing and take the bone away once it gets to a swallowable size. For safety, always supervise your dog with any chew.

Delicious Au Naturel Flavor

Dogs go wild for the mouthwatering natural flavor of pure rawhide. No artificial seasonings are needed to enhance the savory beefy taste and aroma.

The rich, meaty smell captivates a dog’s senses for unbeatable chewing satisfaction. This au naturel flavor will have your pup hooked on these tasty bones.

Treat your small dog to the chewing enjoyment they crave with PET MAGASIN natural beef rawhide bones. These petite USA-sourced bones promote great dental health and chewing habits. Get tails wagging today!


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