Pet Life Sunshine Mills Medium Assorted Dog Biscuits – 15.5oz Bag of Crunchy Baked Treats in 5 Flavors


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Give your dog a tasty variety of baked biscuit flavors with Pet Life Sunshine Mills Assorted Dog Biscuits! This 15.5oz bag contains 5 appetizing flavors – both savory and sweet – to please every pup’s palate.

These crunchy biscuits feature an assortment of mouthwatering recipes like Bacon & Cheese, Peanut Butter, Chicken & Liver, Veggie, and Milk Bones. They provide texture to clean teeth and freshen doggie breath while delighting your dog with yummy flavors.

Made in the USA, these fortified biscuits contain added vitamins and minerals to complement your dog’s diet. The oven-baked crunch satisfies snack cravings between meals and brings out happy smiles at treat time. Discover tail-wagging variety with Pet Life Assorted Biscuits!

A tasty assortment of fortified baked biscuits:

  • 15.5oz resealable bag contains 5 flavors
  • Crunchy texture helps clean teeth and reduce plaque
  • Savory and sweet recipes like Bacon & Cheese and Peanut Butter
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Oven-baked for delicious crunch
  • Satisfies between-meal snack cravings
  • Made in the USA

5 Appetizing Flavors for Variety

This 15.5oz bag of Pet Life Assorted Biscuits contains a tasty lineup of both savory and sweet dog biscuit recipes to please every pup’s preferences:

  • Bacon & Cheese: Smoky bacon and cheddar cheese flavor
  • Peanut Butter: Creamy, nutty peanut butter taste
  • Chicken & Liver: Savory chicken and liver flavor
  • Veggie: Carrots, peas, and spinach for antioxidants
  • Milk Bones: Wholesome original recipe dogs love

This wide variety of flavors reduces boredom and keeps your dog excited for treat time. You can shake up snack routine while providing tail-wagging goodness with every crunchy bite!

Crunchy Texture Cleans Teeth and Freshens Breath

These oven-baked biscuits feature a hearty, crunchy texture that helps scrape away plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth for better dental health. The abrasive surface acts like a toothbrush to clean and freshen their breath.

The firmness also forces dogs to chew thoroughly, providing a good jaw workout to strengthen muscles and reduce periodontal disease risks. Crunchy treats like these are ideal for improving your dog’s oral hygiene.

Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals

Pet Life Assorted Dog Biscuits are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to complement your dog’s regular diet. They contain calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and bones.

Added vitamin E provides antioxidant support, while B vitamins boost energy and metabolism. Zinc, iron and magnesium round out the nutritional profile. You can feel good providing these fortified treats!

Baked in the USA for Safety and Quality

These assorted biscuits are proudly baked and packaged in the USA under strict quality standards. We use the freshest ingredients and highest food safety procedures.

The oven baking process caramelizes natural flavors to bring out appetizing taste and aroma. Baking also preserves nutrient content better than extruded treats. You can trust these American-made biscuits to be wholesome and delicious.

For tail-wagging variety at treat time, grab a bag of Pet Life Assorted Dog Biscuits today! With 5 delicious flavors in one resealable package, you can shake up snacktime and keep your pup happy and healthy.


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