Pet Lickety Stik Peanut Butter Flavor Liquid Dog Treat – Low-Calorie, Mess-Free Treats for Training and Bonding


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Treat your dog to something excitingly different with Pet Lickety Stik Peanut Butter Flavored Liquid Dog Treats! This unique roller-ball dispenser provides a fun, interactive treat experience that promotes bonding.

The mess-free, low-calorie formula lets you reward your dog generously without worrying about calories or sticky hands. It’s the perfect training treat to reinforce commands and behaviors.

With tasty peanut butter flavor and over 500 licks per bottle, Lickety Stik offers a nutritious new way to treat your dog!

Give your dog a treat that:

  • Dispenses liquid treats from a rollerball tip
  • Promotes interactive play and bonding
  • Contains only 1 calorie per 10 licks
  • Offers peanut butter flavor dogs love
  • Leaves no sticky residue on hands
  • Is highly digestible and non-allergenic
  • Is ideal for training sessions
  • Provides 500+ licks from one bottle

Unique Roller-Ball Dispenser for Interactive Play

What makes Lickety Stik truly unique is the roller-ball dispenser that allows you to present liquid treats directly to your dog’s tongue. Simply roll the ball along their tongue or let them lick it themselves for fun, engaging treat time.

This interactive play strengthens your bond, as your dog stays close for more delicious licks. No more wandering off with a treat or waiting for you to present the next morsel. Lickety Stik promotes focus, obedience and quality time between pet and owner.

Low-Calorie Formula Lets You Treat Generously

Lickety Stik contains only 1 calorie per 10 licks, letting you treat your dog liberally without weight gain concerns. The low-calorie formula ensures your dog won’t fill up on treats during training sessions.

You can continue reinforcing desired behaviors without your dog losing motivation. Your dog will always be excited for more licks of this delicious peanut butter liquid treat!

Ideal Mess-Free Training Treat

This no-mess treat makes training a breeze! The roller-ball applicator means no sticky fingers or scattering crumbs. Just roll and treat directly onto your dog’s tongue for instant positive reinforcement of learned commands and tricks.

The scent and flavor keep your dog engaged and focused on training. Theinteractive play helps strengthen the human-canine bond crucial for effective, obedient training.

Tasty Peanut Butter Flavor

Dogs love peanut butter, and Lickety Stik captures all the appetizing flavor they crave. Natural peanut flavoring combined with vanilla extract creates an irresistible treat your dog will delight in licking.

Peanut butter’s creamy texture and rich scent appeals to a dog’s senses for ultimate treat satisfaction. This mouthwatering flavor will have your dog eagerly learning commands and tricks.

Digestible Ingredients and Premium Nutrition

Lickety Stik features a smooth, liquid formula comprised of easy-to-digest oils, natural flavors and preservatives. This ensures even dogs with sensitive stomachs can enjoy it without gastric upset.

It contains concentrated proteins for a nutritional boost in every lick. The liquid treats complement your dog’s diet with the energy and nutrients they need for an active, healthy life.

For an exciting new way to treat your dog, choose Lickety Stik Peanut Butter Flavored Liquid Treats! This innovative roller-ball dispenser will be your new go-to for training, playtime, or anytime. Order now and see what the lick-buzz is all about!


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