Pet Greens Roasted Chicken Semi-Moist Dog Treats – Grain-Free Training Treats with Chicken and Veggies for Small Dogs


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Give your small dog a nutritious training treat made with real chicken and vegetables! Pet Greens Roasted Chicken Semi-Moist Dog Treats are small, soft bites packed with dog-pleasing flavor and wholesome ingredients.

These semi-moist treats contain no wheat, corn or soy, and are flavored with real chicken and natural veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes. The perfect size for small breeds and puppies, they are great for training and rewarding good behavior.

Made in the USA, these grain-free treats get their nutrition from healthy whole foods like chicken, potatoes, peas and spinach. Real roasted chicken provides a tasty protein punch dogs love. With antioxidants from real fruits and veggies, these training treats provide green nutrition in every bite!

Give your small dog nutritious training treats made with:

  • Real chicken provides premium protein
  • Carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach for antioxidants
  • No wheat, corn or soy
  • Grain-free and highly digestible
  • Small size perfect for little dogs
  • Baked to preserve nutrients
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Made in the USA with quality ingredients

Real Chicken and Natural Vegetables Provide Nutrition

These tasty training treats get their wholesome nutrition from premium chicken protein and healthful fruits and vegetables. Real chicken is the first ingredient, providing a high-quality protein source to support muscle growth and satisfaction.

Carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach add a boost of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from natural plant foods your dog will love. Real peas and potatoes deliver soluble fiber for digestive health. There are no cheap fillers like wheat, corn or soy.

The treats have a semi-moist texture that is meaty and pleasing to dogs. Your pup will gobble them up quickly for training or as a special snack! These soft bites are much healthier than highly processed treats full of artificial ingredients.

Grain-Free and Easily Digestible Recipe

With no wheat, corn or soy, these training treats are highly digestible and contain none of the common irritants found in cheap dog treats. The grain-free recipe avoids ingredients that commonly cause allergies or tummy troubles in dogs.

Premium chicken and fiber-rich vegetables provide smooth energy for an active dog. With easily absorbable nutrients from whole foods like sweet potatoes and carrots, these treats deliver green nutrition your dog can utilize efficiently. This makes them gentle on sensitive stomachs.

These nutritious goodies make the perfect training treat your pup can enjoy often without disrupting their diet or digestive health. Their small size is tailored specifically for little breeds.

Baked to Preserve Nutrients and Flavor

Pet Greens training treats are carefully baked to a semi-moist texture that preserves the natural flavor and nutrients of the quality ingredients. The treats are baked at low temperatures to minimize damage to proteins, vitamins and antioxidants.

This also caramelizes natural sugars in the chicken and vegetables to bring out savory sweetness and irresistible flavors your dog will love. Unlike many dried treats, these baked bites retain their appetizing aroma and nutrition.

You can be sure your dog is getting the full benefits of the premium proteins, fruits and vegetables with no artificial enhancers needed. Real food ingredients provide true flavor.

Convenient Size for Training and Rewards

These tasty semi-moist treats come in a resealable 6 oz pouch so you can easily take them on the go for walks, trips to the dog park, or obedience training. The small bite size makes them the perfect training reward or pocket treat.

One bag provides plenty of tail wags and positive reinforcement for teaching good manners and commands. Use them to shape desirable behaviors and reward your attentive companion. The mouthwatering chicken and veggie flavor will have your dog begging for more!

You can feel good rewarding your tiny pup or training your furry friend with these natural, nutritious treats. Ditch bland store-bought treats and give your small dog real food made with care! Pet Greens Semi-Moist Training Treats provide green nutrition and tail-wagging goodness in every chicken-flavored bite.


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