Pet Factory Classic Essentials 6″ Durabone Beefhide Dog Chew – Thick, Long-Lasting Natural Chew for Aggressive Chewers


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Give your power chewer a hearty beefhide chew made to last with the Pet Factory Classic Essentials Durabone. At 6 inches long, this robust chew is perfect for small to medium breed dogs and provides a satisfying, flavourful chew to curb destructive chewing.

This natural beefhide chew is made using a hydraulic pressing method that fuses multiple layers into an extra thick bone. The extreme pressure makes this chew incredibly dense and tough, able to withstand even the most aggressive chewers.

Hard-textured with a smoky, meaty flavor, this chew provides a productive outlet for your dog’s natural chewing instincts. The abrasive surface scrapes away plaque and tartar as your dog chews to support better dental health.

Made from free-range Brazilian cattle, you can trust this chew is from high-quality, ethically raised beef. We never use artificial ingredients or dangerous chemicals. Give your power chewer a hearty, nourishing chew that satisfies their chewing needs while promoting better dental hygiene.

Thick and robust beefhide chew ideal for aggressive chewers:

  • Made by hydraulically pressing layers of beefhide together
  • Dense, hard texture stands up to heavy chewing
  • Smoky, meaty beef flavor dogs love
  • Scraping action helps clean teeth and reduce plaque
  • Provides a safe chewing outlet for destructive chewers
  • Sourced from free-range Brazilian cattle
  • No artificial ingredients or dangerous chemicals
  • Made in the USA for quality and safety

Hydraulically Pressed for Extreme Density and Hardness

This natural beefhide chew is made using an innovative hydraulic pressing method that fuses multiple layers of rawhide together under extreme pressure. This high-pressure compression eliminates air pockets and compacts the layers into an incredibly hardy, dense bone that’s practically indestructible.

The resulting chew has a hard, leather-like texture that provides the ultimate chewing challenge for even the most aggressive chewers. Satisfy dogs who destroy weaker chews quickly with this robust, extra-tough treat. The thickness and density mean this bone will last for weeks of chewing enjoyment.

Thick Hide Chew Soothes Destructive Chewing

Dogs chew naturally to relieve boredom, anxiety, or excess energy. Providing appropriate and satisfying chews is the best way to curb destructive chewing behaviors. This hearty Durabone chew gives aggressive chewers an ideal outlet for chewing instincts.

The thick rawhide challenges your dog as they work to scrape off bits of chew. This occupies them with a constructive activity to prevent negative chewing habits. The smoky, meaty beef flavor keeps them coming back for more. With this durable chew on hand, you can say goodbye to demolished shoes and furniture!

Supports Better Dental Health While Chewing

As your dog works this dense bone, the abrasive beefhide effectively scrapes plaque and tartar off the surfaces of their teeth. Chewing also massages the gums, stimulating circulation for healthier gums and teeth. This natural chewing motion keeps their chompers clean and prevents plaque buildup.

The hardness also forces your dog to chew deliberately with their back teeth, providing a thorough teeth-cleaning workout. Regular chewing will improve dental hygiene and reduce the risk of disease. This functional chew gives a tasty solution to promote your dog’s oral health.

Ethically-Sourced from Grass-Fed Brazilian Cattle

The premium beefhide for this chew comes from free-range, grass-fed cattle sustainably raised in Brazil. Grass-fed cattle produce higher quality hides that are thicker and sturdier for a superior chew. You can feel good knowing this rawhide is ethically sourced.

We never use artificial flavors, chemicals, or preservatives during processing and crafting. It’s simply pure, natural beefhide with a smoky flavor dogs love. We proudly manufacture this chew in the USA to ensure the highest safety and quality standards.

Tested for Safety and Transparency

All Pet Factory chews undergo rigorous tests by an independent third-party lab to ensure they are safe and meet quality standards. We voluntarily participate in an “Inspected, Tested and Safe” program that provides full transparency through published test results.

Customers can access the safety data for this exact product by scanning the QR code on the packaging. You can trust Pet Factory chews to be healthy treats for your dog. We’ve been a leading U.S. rawhide manufacturer for over 45 years!

For a robust, satisfying chew, choose the Pet Factory Classic Essentials Durabone. This natural beefhide chew was designed specially for aggressive chewers and provides long-lasting chewing engagement. See why pet owners trust our U.S-sourced chews to promote their dogs’ health and happiness!


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