Pet Factory Chicken Flavored American Beefhide Bones, 4 Count – Knotted Dog Chews for Small Breeds


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Give your small breed dog a savory chew that benefits teeth and gums with Pet Factory Chicken Flavored American Beefhide Knotted Bones. These knotted rawhide bones are coated in irresistible chicken flavor to keep pups chewing while improving dental health.

Knotted Bone Shape for Small Breeds

These knotted bones measure 4-5 inches long, making them perfectly sized for small dog breeds. The slender shape allows little jaws to grip and hold while chewing. Yet they’re still thick enough to stand up to small dogs.

Promotes Better Dental Health

As your pup chews on the textured rawhide, it gently scrapes away plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. This reduces the risk of bad breath while supporting healthier gums.

Coated in Irresistible Chicken Flavor

While the texture cleans teeth, the mouthwatering chicken flavor keeps pups coming back for more. Dogs go crazy for the irresistibly savory chicken taste. It encourages more chewing and keeps them happily distracted.

99% Digestible with Minimal Mess

You can give your small dog plenty of chewing time without worry. The highly digestible American rawhide minimizes stomach upsets. And unlike some chews, these knotted bones don’t easily break into pieces or crumbs.

Provides a Healthy Chewing Outlet

Destructive chewers need a positive outlet for their energy. These chicken flavored bones satisfy chewing urges in a healthy way. The tasty flavor and knotted shape provides hours of chewing satisfaction.

Convenient 4-Pack for Multiple Chewing Sessions

The pack includes 4 knotted bones, providing enough to give your pup some healthy chewing time. They’re the perfect high-value reward for training small breed dogs too.

Made in the USA for Safety and Quality

You can trust these are quality chews. Pet Factory beefhide treats are crafted and packaged in the USA, not overseas. Their FDA-regulated facility follows strict standards for food safety and quality control.

Vet Recommended for Oral Health

Veterinarians recommend textured chews to reduce tartar and plaque buildup. As your dog chews, the knotted bones provide the abrasive cleaning action needed for better dental health.

Give your small breed dog a savory, chicken flavored chew made just for them with Pet Factory American Beefhide Knotted Bones. Promotes dental health while satisfying natural chewing urges. Made and monitored in the USA.


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