Pet Factory American Beefhide Rolls, 1lb Bag – Naturally Flavored Dog Chews for Dental Health, Made in USA


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Treat your dog to a tasty, long-lasting chew that nourishes their body and teeth with Pet Factory American Beefhide Rolls. These hearty rawhide rolls are naturally flavored to keep pups chewing while gently cleaning teeth.

Thick, Chip-Style Rolls for Serious Chewers

These rolls are crafted from premium thick-cut American beefhide. The hearty texture stands up to serious chewing from small or large breed dogs. The chip roll shape gives them something substantial to sink their teeth into.

Promotes Better Dental Health

As your dog chews on these textured beefhide rolls, the natural abrasiveness gently scrapes away plaque and tartar buildup. This reduces the risk of bad breath and supports better oral health.

Made from Grass-Fed American Cattle

You can feel good about these rawhide chews. Pet Factory uses only the highest quality hides from grass-fed, free-range cattle raised in the USA without growth hormones or antibiotics. This ensures a natural, nutritious treat.

Irresistible Natural Beef Flavor

While the texture cleans teeth, the real beefy flavor keeps dogs chewing. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives – just real American beef. The irresistible beef taste will have your dog hooked on these hearty rolls.

Provides a Healthy Chewing Outlet

Some dogs chew excessively due to boredom, anxiety or instinct. These long-lasting rolls provide a productive chewing outlet to satisfy urges and distract destructive chewers. The thick texture stands up to aggressive chewing.

99% Digestible with Minimal Mess

You can give your dog plenty of chewing time without worry. The highly digestible rawhide rolls minimize stomach upsets. And unlike some chews, these rolls don’t easily crumble all over your floors.

1 Pound Resealable Bag

The generous 1 pound bag provides plenty of hearty beefhide rolls for multiple chewing sessions. When playtime is over, simply seal up the bag to keep the remaining rolls fresh. You get maximum value for your money.

Made and Monitored in the USA

You can trust these chews are safe for dogs. They are crafted and packaged in the USA in an FDA-regulated facility with strict quality control standards. Pet Factory keeps a close eye on the entire manufacturing process for safety.

Vet Recommended for Oral Health

Veterinarians often recommend hard chews to help reduce tartar and plaque buildup. The natural texture of these beefhide rolls provide the teeth-cleaning action dogs need for better oral health.

Give your dog a tasty chew that provides long-lasting enjoyment while supporting dental health. Pet Factory American Beefhide Rolls are naturally flavored rawhide crafted from high-quality hides of grass-fed USA cattle. Your dog will love chewing on these scrumptious rolls while you’ll love the benefits. Made in the USA for safety and quality.


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