Pet Factory 100% Made in USA Beefhide 7″ Braided Sticks Dog Chews – 6 Count Natural Rawhide Chews for Medium to Large Dogs


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Treat your medium to large dog to a tasty, long-lasting chew with Pet Factory’s 100% Made in USA Beefhide Braided Sticks. These braided rawhide sticks are handcrafted in the USA from thick, premium American beefhide for maximum durability. The all-natural flavor satisfies dogs’ natural chewing urge while promoting clean teeth and healthy gums.

Thick American Beefhide for Maximum Chewing Satisfaction

Pet Factory uses only the highest quality hides from grass-fed, free-range cattle raised in the USA. American beefhide is naturally tough and flexible, providing a hearty chew experience for even the most aggressive chewers.

The 7-inch size and braided shape give dogs plenty to sink their teeth into, satisfying their instinct to chew while curbing destructive tendencies.

Promotes Dental Health as Dogs Chew

The texture of rawhide helps scrape away plaque and tartar as dogs chew, keeping teeth clean and gums healthy. Chewing rawhide can reduce dental disease and bad breath in dogs.

The braided sticks slide easily over the teeth and gums, providing thorough dental stimulation and care. Give your dog something to sink their teeth into while supporting oral health.

Made in the USA for Safety and Quality

Pet Factory Beefhide Braided Sticks are proudly made in the USA, crafted in Global Food Safety Initiative-certified facilities. This ensures the highest standards of quality control and production oversight.

The rawhide is carefully processed to remove any potentially harmful elements while retaining the natural beef flavor dogs love. There are no added chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Monitoring and Supervision Recommended

As with any chew treat, please monitor your dog during use. Discard any small pieces that come loose to prevent choking hazards. Provide plenty of fresh water while chewing to aid digestion.

For maximum safety, choose a chew that is longer than the length of your dog’s muzzle. Always supervise pets when giving rawhide or any chew treats.

Give Your Dog a Tasty, Long-Lasting American-Made Chew

Reward your medium or large dog with a USA-sourced chew that satisfies their chewing urge and supports dental health. Pet Factory Beefhide Braided Sticks are the long-lasting, high-quality rawhide chews your dog will love. Made from premium American beefhide and crafted entirely in the USA for safety and durability.


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