Pet Factory 100% American Beefhide Knotted Bone Dog Chew Treat, Chicken Flavored, Helps Clean Teeth and Reduce Tartar


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Give your dog something to really sink their teeth into with the Pet Factory 100% American Beefhide Knotted Bone Dog Chew. This hearty chew treat is made from thick, natural rawhide sourced from corn-fed cattle raised right here in the USA. At 15 inches long, it’s ideal for large breed dogs that need a challenge.

Thick American Beefhide Promotes Healthy Chewing

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew. It helps keep their teeth and gums strong. This knotted bone is crafted from thick, tough American beefhide that stands up to serious chewing while satisfying your dog’s urges. The knotted shape gives them something to grip while the texture helps scrape away plaque and tartar as they gnaw. It’s a tasty way to improve dental health.

Chicken Flavored for Irresistible Taste

While the beefhide promotes healthy gums, the mouthwatering chicken flavor keeps pups coming back for more. This knotted bone dog chew treat is basted in a chicken flavor that dogs find absolutely irresistible. The tasty coating encourages chewing while keeping your dog’s attention on the bone rather than your furniture.

Digestible and Mess-Free

The rawhide bone is 99% digestible so you don’t have to worry about stomach issues. It also won’t crumble easily or make a big mess around the house. Give your dog plenty of time to chew down the bone safely. Always supervise your pet during chewing and take away any small pieces for their safety.

Made and Monitored in the USA

You can have confidence in the quality of Pet Factory chews. Their beefhide bones are crafted and processed right here in the USA, not overseas. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is GFSI certified, following strict standards for food safety and quality control. You can trust their products are safe for your pet.

The Perfect Chew for Large Breeds

While the chicken flavor will entice any size dog, the 15 inch bone is best suited for large breeds. Make sure to choose a chew that’s longer than your dog’s muzzle so they don’t try to swallow it whole. This sizable knotted bone gives big dogs something substantial to really sink their teeth into.

Provide a Healthy Chewing Outlet

Some dogs chew excessively due to boredom, anxiety, or simple instinct. This American beefhide bone gives them a productive chewing outlet. The thick knotted shape stands up to powerful jaws, satisfying your dog’s need to chew while distracting them from inappropriate chewing behavior.

Improve Dental Health

Chewing is about more than just fun. It provides both mental and physical benefits for your dog. The texture of the raw beefhide helps scrape away tartar and plaque as your dog gnaws and chomps. This reduces the risk of bad breath and supports better dental health.

Made from Natural, Corn-Fed Cattle

You want the best for your dog, from their food to their treats. That’s why Pet Factory uses only natural rawhide from American beef cattle. The cattle are raised on American corn rather than fillers, providing a nutritious, high-quality chew.

Monitor for Safety

While this chew is highly digestible, always monitor your dog during chewing sessions. Take away small pieces that come off the bone to prevent choking hazards. Supervision is key, especially for aggressive chewers.

Give your dog a tasty, long-lasting chew challenge with the Pet Factory American Beefhide Knotted Bone Dog Chew. It satisfies their instinct to chew while promoting better dental health through plaque scraping texture. This chicken flavored knotted bone is made from natural beefhide of American cattle and crafted in the USA for safety and quality.


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