Pet Craft Supply Water Buffalo Dog Chews Variety Pack – 11 Piece Set of Premium Protein Chews for Aggressive Chewers


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Give your dog long-lasting chewing satisfaction with the Pet Craft Supply Water Buffalo Variety Pack. This value set includes 11 different protein-rich water buffalo chews to provide chewing variety that keeps your dog happy for hours.

Made from premium cuts of free-range grass-fed water buffalo, this pack includes buffalo ears, tails, horns, trachea, cheek meat, rib bones, and a femur bone. Perfect for aggressive chewers!

These natural chews contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Only minimal processing to retain nutritional integrity. A healthy single-ingredient treat to promote clean teeth and gums.

Water buffalo offers a lean, highly digestible protein source that dogs love. With more protein and less fat than beef, it provides a tasty nutritious alternative to rawhide chews.

Give your dog superior nutrition and chewing satisfaction. Pet Craft Supply Water Buffalo Chews are thoughtfully sourced and crafted in the USA to the highest quality standards.

Long Lasting Chewing for Hours

Keep your dog happily occupied for hours with the variety and durability of Pet Craft Supply Water Buffalo Chews.

Similar to bully sticks and antlers, water buffalo is very tough and long-lasting compared to many natural chews. Your dog can enjoy gnawing these protein-rich chews for an extended chewing workout.

The premium horns, ears, ribs, femurs and other buffalo cuts withstand even the most aggressive chewer. Your furniture is safe with these durable treats!

Water buffalo satisfies a dog’s instincts to chew and eases anxiety or boredom. Give your pup chews that challenge their stamina for superior chewing entertainment.

Delicious Single-Ingredient Protein

Pet Craft Supply Water Buffalo Chews offer premium protein and nutrition without any filler. Made from one simple whole food source.

Compared to processed rawhides or artificial jerky, water buffalo provides essential amino acids, glucosamine, minerals and other compounds to support your dog’s overall health.

This lean red meat has a mildly sweet, irresistible flavor dogs love. With less fat than beef, it provides a healthier protein alternative. Give your dog natural nourishment!

The minimal processing preserves nutritional integrity. Your dog benefits from natural compounds to support joints, muscles, teeth and gums that enhance their quality of life.

Sourced and Crafted with Care

At Pet Craft Supply, we deeply care about quality and safety. Our water buffalo comes from US farms adhering to strict guidelines on animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Our state-of-the-art facilities adhere to rigorous quality control and food safety at every step. All chews undergo testing for purity and integrity before being packaged.

You can trust Pet Craft Supply for premium ingredients and thoughtful crafting processes. We want to bring you and your pup the same joy these treats bring our own dogs!


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