Pet Craft Supply Beef Marrow Bones – All Natural Dog Treats for Aggressive Chewers – 3 Pack Single Ingredient Slow Roasted Protein Chews – Made in USA


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Give your dog a tasty, nutritious chew with Pet Craft Supply All Natural Beef Marrow Bones. This 3 pack includes premium center-cut beef leg bones brimming with beneficial marrow and minerals.

Made with just one single whole food ingredient, these chews contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives – only goodness from grass-fed beef.

The bones are gently roasted to bring out mouthwatering, smoky flavors and improve digestibility. Dogs delight in slurping the nutritious bone marrow.

Sourced from free-range cattle raised without antibiotics or hormones, you can trust these single-ingredient treats. Thoughtfully crafted in the USA to the highest standards.

Give your pup the long-lasting chewing satisfaction they crave with Pet Craft Supply Beef Marrow Bones. The mineral-rich marrow and real meat flavors provide a nutritious treat aggressive chewers will love. Nourish your dog naturally!

Nutritious Bone Marrow and Protein

Dogs thrive best on a species-appropriate raw meaty bone diet. Our beef marrow bones offer premium protein and nutrients without any filler.

Made from raw center-cut leg bones with nutritious marrow, these chews provide essential fatty acids, minerals, collagen and other compounds for whole body health.

Beef is loaded with protein, iron, zinc and selenium. Our minimal roasting helps preserve the natural nutritional integrity unlike over-processed rawhides.

These vitamin-packed chews also support healthy teeth and gums. The natural abrasiveness helps clean tartar and plaque as your dog chews.

Give your pup raw food benefits in a safer convenient form with Pet Craft Supply Beef Marrow Bones. Delicious, protein-rich treats to nourish body and mind.

Irresistible Beefy Flavor

Your dog instantly recognizes the mouthwatering aroma of real beef. Our marrow bones capitalize on their instincts with irresistible beefy flavors.

Gently roasted to bring out savory, smoky notes, these chews highlight succulent flavors from premium beef marrow bones. Dogs delight in slurping out the mineral-rich bone marrow.

Made without artificial spray flavors or enhancers, we rely on simple roasting to infuse these chews with delicious beef taste. Your dog will lick these clean!

Give your faithful companion a treat this good boy or girl deserves. Pet Craft Supply 100% natural beef marrow bones satisfy your pup’s deepest cravings.

Premium Quality Ingredients

At Pet Craft Supply, we care deeply about quality and safety. Our beef bones come from USDA grass-fed, free-range cattle raised in the US without antibiotics or hormones.

Our state-of-the-art facilities adhere to strict quality control and food safety at every step. All bones undergo testing for purity and integrity before being packaged.

When you choose Pet Craft Supply, you can trust your dog’s treat is crafted with care and premium ingredients. We want to bring you and your pup the same joy these treats bring our dogs!


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