Pet Center Chicken Nibbles – 100% Natural Dehydrated Chicken Breast Dog Treats – 2.25lb Bag of Bite-Size Training Rewards


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Give your dog a nutritious treat to enjoy with Pet Center Chicken Nibbles – premium training rewards crafted from 100% natural chicken breast.

Made simply with USA-raised chicken, these tasty nibbles contain no added hormones, grains, preservatives or fillers. Just bite-sized bits of pure protein power!

The chicken breast is gently roasted and dehydrated to create a crispy outer shell enveloping a chewy, meaty interior. Dogs delight in the dynamic textures.

Reward your pup generously during training with these protein-packed nibbles. Their bite size is perfect for small and large dogs alike. These natural chicken goodies will have your dog begging for more!

Crafted from premium ingredients and made in the USA, Pet Center Chicken Nibbles provide a healthy alternative to processed rawhides and artificial jerky treats. Give your dog real food nutrition in a flavor they are sure to love.

Mouthwatering Real Chicken Flavor

Dogs instantly recognize and crave the savory aroma of real chicken. Pet Center Chicken Nibbles capitalize on your pup’s natural instincts with premium chicken breast roasted to perfection.

Crafted from trimmed chicken breast with no hormones or antibiotics, these nibbles are gently dried to lock in the succulent flavor and aroma of fresh chicken. Dogs will go bonkers for these scrumptious roasted chicken bites!

Made with no artificial smoke flavors or fatty skin, the irresistible chicken essence shines through. Your dog will delight in the tender chicken bursting with goodness in every piece. Satisfy your pup with all-natural chicken flavor.

Give your faithful companion a treat this good boy or girl deserves! Pet Center Chicken Nibbles deliver ultra-delicious chicken taste and protein power with smart nutrition in mind.

Crispy Outside, Meaty Inside

Dogs love a dynamic snack they can really sink their teeth into! Pet Center Chicken Nibbles offer a satisfying crunch enveloping a chewy, protein-packed middle.

The slow roasting process creates a crispy outer shell that gives way to a succulent, meaty interior. Your dog will love working through the contrasting textures in each tasty nibble.

The chewy chicken center provides longer-lasting enjoyment compared to crunchy biscuits alone. You’ll see tails wagging as your pup blissfully gnaws these chicken nibbles down to the last crumb!

Give your furry best friend a treat to get excited about at snack time! Pet Center Chicken Nibbles offer a hearty, wholesome chewing experience bursting with flavor.

Premium Nutrition from Whole Ingredients

Quality nutrition starts with quality ingredients. That’s why Pet Center Chicken Nibbles contain just one wholesome source of protein – juicy chicken breast.

Compared to processed biscuits or artificial jerky, real chicken offers balanced protein nutrition without unnecessary additives. It provides essential nutrients for your dog’s overall health and happiness.

Chicken is also gentler on sensitive tummies than beef. These training nibbles are the perfect reward for dogs with food intolerances. Real meat flavor keeps your pup motivated!

Made from premium USA-raised chicken with no grains, fillers or preservatives, Pet Center Chicken Nibbles offer goodness in every piece. Reward your dog with smart nutrition from whole ingredients.

Thoughtfully Sourced and Crafted

At Pet Center, we care deeply about quality and safety. Our chicken breast is raised in the USA without added hormones or antibiotics. Our state-of-the-art facilities adhere to strict quality control at every step.

All nibbles are tested for purity and safety. We oversee the full process from sourcing to packaging to ensure goodness in every bag.

Give your pup a treat you can feel good about with Pet Center Chicken Nibbles. Made in the USA with premium ingredients to nourish your dog’s body and delight their tastebuds. Pamper your pooch today!


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