Pet Center Beef Sticks – 100% Natural Single-Ingredient Dog Treats – 1lb Crunchy Beef Lung Bag for Dogs – Grain-Free, Raw Dehydrated Protein Snack


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Give your dog a healthy, protein-packed treat with Pet Center Beef Sticks Crunchy Dog Treats. Made with a single wholesome ingredient – 100% beef lung sliced into savory, chewy sticks.

Crafted from free-range, pasture-fed cattle, these single-ingredient treats provide a crunchy, long-lasting chewing experience along with a tasty beef flavor your dog will love.

The beef lung is gently dehydrated to create crispy ridges and chewy meaty bits in every stick. Dogs go crazy for the enticing texture! Plus, chewing helps clean teeth andcontrol plaque.

Made without any additives, fillers or artificial flavors, this natural recipe offers pure beef protein to nourish your dog. The resealable bag provides approx. 50 hearty sticks for rewarding your pup and curbing snack cravings.

Give your faithful friend a nutritious treat made with one premium protein source – succulent beef lung. Delight their tastebuds and support whole body health with Pet Center’s 100% natural single-ingredient recipe. Crafted and sourced in the USA for quality you can trust!

Irresistible Crunchy & Chewy Texture

Dogs love treats with a texture they can really sink their teeth into. Pet Center Beef Sticks offer the best of both worlds – a satisfying crunch wraping a tongue-tingling chewy center in every piece.

These hearty sticks are gently dried to create a crispy beef jerky-like shell enveloping soft, succulent beef bits inside. Your dog will delight in experiencing contrasting textures in one power-packed snack!

The chewy, meaty centers offer longer-lasting enjoyment compared to crunchy biscuits alone. You can practically see the happiness on your pup’s face as they blissfully gnaw and nibble these flavorful beefy sticks down to nothing.

Give your faithful companion a treat with some crunch! Pet Center Beef Sticks provide a crunchy exterior with a chewy beefy center – the texture duo dogs love and crave. Reward your pup with a hearty, wholesome chewing experience.

Single-Ingredient Nutrition

Great nutrition starts with quality whole food ingredients. That’s why Pet Center Beef Sticks contain only one premium protein source – succulent beef lung from pasture-raised cattle.

Compared to processed rawhides or artificial jerky, beef lung provides unparalleled nutrition. It’s naturally high in protein and essential nutrients like iron, potassium, selenium, and B vitamins.

Real minimally processed beef delivers pure protein to support energy, strong muscles, and keep your dog feeling full. It also helps scrub plaque off teeth for better dental health.

Made without any grains, additives or preservatives, this single-ingredient recipe avoids unwanted fillers that provide zero nutritional value. Give your dog pure protein power with hearty Pet Center Beef Lung Sticks!

USA-Sourced & Responsibly Farmed

At Pet Center, we take care in selecting only the highest quality ingredients to craft our natural treats. Our beef lung comes from free-range, pasture-fed cattle raised right here in the USA without antibiotics or hormones.

Our facilities adhere to strict quality control and food safety standards. All sticks are randomly tested for purity and safety. We oversee every step from sourcing to packaging to ensure consistency.

We know your pup’s wellbeing is top priority. Reward them with thoughtful treats from Pet Center, made with care in the USA using responsibly raised beef lung. Give your dog a hearty, wholesome chewing experience they’ll love!


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