Pet Brands Duck Jerky Tenders – Soft & Chewy Real Duck Dog Treats – High Protein, Low Fat, No Artificial Ingredients


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Give your dog a savory, nutritious treat with Pet Brands Duck Jerky Tenders. These soft and chewy jerky strips are made with real duck for a flavor your dog will love.

Slow-roasted to a tender perfection, these treats provide a tasty source of protein dogs naturally crave. Their irresistible duck flavor will have your dog begging for more!

Made with clean, simple ingredients, these premium jerky strips contain no wheat, corn or soy. There are also no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – just delicious real duck meat.

Duck is packed with essential amino acids for lean muscle support and healthy digestion. It’s naturally low in fat so you can feel good treating your dog. These protein-rich tenders will be your pup’s new favorite snack!

Pet Brands Duck Jerky is proudly made in the USA with the highest quality standards. You can trust these treats to be safe and wholesome. Crafted with care using premium ingredients to nourish your dog’s body and tastebuds.

Give your faithful companion a delicious reward they’ll love that also provides balanced nutrition. Pet Brands Duck Jerky Tenders are a smart choice for dogs of all breeds and life stages. Make your dog’s day with these savory duck meat treats!

Irresistible Real Duck Meat Flavor

Dogs instantly recognize the mouthwatering smell and taste of real duck meat. Pet Brands Duck Jerky satisfies your pup’s natural cravings with premium low-fat duck breast fillets roasted to smoky, savory perfection.

These chewy tender jerky strips are infused with delicious authentic duck flavor in every bite. Your dog won’t be able to stop devouring these scrumptious roasted duck treats!

Made with no artificial smoked flavors or seasonings, this jerky relies on simple, natural ingredients to achieve superior taste. Slow-roasting enhances the duck’s rich, succulent flavor that your dog will love. Give them a treat that satisfies instincts!

Reward your furry friend with irresistibly delicious duck jerky. Pet Brands premium smoked duck breast delivers yummy flavor and protein to please even the pickiest pup. Their tails will wag uncontrollably when you break out these tasty duck treats!

Natural Source of Lean Protein

Dogs need protein for energy, strong muscles, and to feel full. That’s why Pet Brands Duck Jerky is crafted using premium duck breast meat that’s naturally high in protein.

Duck provides essential amino acids to support your dog’s active lifestyle and overall health. It’s also lower in fat than chicken or beef jerky, making it a smart nutritional choice.

These protein-packed jerky strips help curb snack cravings between meals so your dog stays satisfied. Their savory, roasted duck flavor keeps your pup coming back for more! Give them natural protein they’ll love.

Reward your energetic dog with a nutritious treat made from premium duck breast meat. Pet Brands Duck Jerky Tenders nourish their body while delighting their taste buds with scrumptious roasted duck flavor.

Simple, Wholesome Ingredients

At Pet Brands, we believe quality nutrition starts with the right ingredients. That’s why our duck jerky contains just premium duck breast fillets and natural seasonings.

These treats are made with no wheat, corn, soy, or unwanted filler. There are also no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives that can upset your dog’s tummy.

We avoid anything unnecessary to highlight the delicious flavor of real duck meat. Slow-roasting enhances the duck’s natural savory essence for scrumptious flavor in every bite.

You want only the best for your furry companion. Reward them with thoughtful treats from Pet Brands, crafted with your pup’s health and taste buds in mind.

Show your dog how much they mean to you with Pet Brands premium duck jerky – made in the USA with high standards and premium ingredients to nourish their body and delight their senses. Your best friend deserves quality treats!


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