Pet Botanics Oven Baked Chicken Jerky Dog Training Treats, 12oz Resealable Bag with 225 Bites


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Reward your dog with delicious, protein-packed training treats from Pet Botanics. These Oven Baked Chicken Jerky Bites are made with real chicken breast fillets sliced into savory, irresistible jerky strips your dog will love.

Crafted in the USA, these training treats contain no artificial ingredients – just tender pieces of chicken breast smoked to perfection. The resealable bag provides 225 treats specially sized for rewarding your dog during training sessions.

These oven-baked jerky treats are a nutritious alternative to fatty processed snacks. Chicken is a lean protein source that gives your dog lasting energy and satisfies snack cravings. Real meaty flavor keeps your dog motivated and focused on learning new skills and commands.

Made for dogs of all breeds and life stages, these soft and chewy jerky strips are easily torn into smaller pieces if needed. Their enticing aroma and taste make these premium treats perfect for obedience training, leash training, agility classes, or teaching cool tricks.

You can feel good rewarding your faithful companion with Pet Botanics Chicken Jerky. Contains no corn, wheat, soy, dairy or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Carefully crafted in the USA with your dog’s health and happiness in mind.

Lean Protein for Training Motivation

Quality training relies on using just the right treats to motivate your dog. Pet Botanics Chicken Jerky Strips are made with premium lean chicken breast – a healthy protein source to keep your dog energized and focused.

The savory oven-baked jerky provides a tasty reward your dog will find irresistible. Real meaty flavor gives your faithful companion the motivation they need to pick up new skills and commands quickly.

Chicken is easier to digest than beef and provides amino acids for muscle support. The protein in these training treats helps curb snack cravings between meals so your dog stays satisfied.

Reward your active dog with the protein they need to be at their best. Pet Botanics Oven Baked Chicken Jerky contains no fillers or artificial flavors – just delicious chicken breast smoked to perfection.

Oven Baked for Superior Flavor

Dogs instantly recognize the mouthwatering aroma of real meat. Pet Botanics Oven Baked Chicken Jerky capitalizes on your dog’s instincts with irresistible chicken breast fillets smoked to perfection.

We slowly bake our jerky treats to enhance the savory flavor in each tender, chewy strip. This artisanal approach infuses more delicious chicken essence into every bite compared to artificial spray flavors.

Oven baking also better preserves the nutritional integrity of the chicken. Your dog gets superior flavor along with natural protein benefits that support an active lifestyle. Forget lackluster training treats – reward your dog with oven-baked jerky they are sure to love!

Your pup will jump through hoops and beg for these premium jerky rewards. Their scrumptious real chicken flavor will have your dog focused and ready to show off new skills.

Crafted with Premium Ingredients

At Pet Botanics, we believe superior treats start with premium ingredients. Our Chicken Jerky is crafted in the USA using only high-quality, natural ingredients you can trust.

Made with real sliced chicken breast, these protein-packed treats contain no meat by-products, artificial preservatives or fillers. We add no corn, wheat, soy or dairy that could upset your dog’s stomach.

Our chicken is responsibly sourced from American suppliers. These training treats are prepared in our own facilities under strict quality control for safety and consistency. You can feel good rewarding your dog with our thoughtfully made jerky.

We know your dog’s health and happiness is your top concern. Give them jerky treats made by a brand you can trust. Pet Botanics Chicken Jerky contains natural flavors and textures dogs instinctively crave.

Show your faithful companion how much you care with Pet Botanics Oven Baked Chicken Jerky – protein-rich training rewards packed with real meaty flavor. Your dog will think they went to heaven with these tasty, natural treats!


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