Pet Botanics Dog Training Treats Variety Bundle – 600 Bite-Sized Beef, Chicken & Bacon Rewards


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Keep training sessions exciting with this variety bundle of Pet Botanics bite-sized training treats. Perfect for repetitive training, this bundle provides 3 resealable 4oz pouches with 3 mouthwatering flavors – Beef Liver, Oven Roasted Chicken, and Savory Bacon.

Each pouch contains 200 palm-sized soft treats, totaling 600 training rewards your dog will love. At just 1.5 calories per treat, you can generously reward desired behaviors and reinforce commands.

Made with premium protein sources like real chicken, beef liver, and bacon, these treats provide a tasty reward your dog will find irresistible. Their intense savory flavors keep your dog focused and motivated during training.

Crafted in the USA with strict quality control, these treats contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. No corn, wheat or soy either. Only high-quality ingredients you can trust. Give your dog variety and nutrition in one training treat bundle!

The small bite-sized treats are easy to break into smaller pieces if needed. Their soft texture is perfect for puppies and senior dogs. Use these protein-packed rewards for obedience training, agility classes, service dog training, and mastering advanced skills and tricks.

Triple Flavor Motivation

Variety is the spice of life! Keep your dog excited about training with this 3-flavor bundle from Pet Botanics. The savory chicken, beef liver, and smoky bacon flavors provide taste bud temptation they won’t be able to resist.

Alternating between flavors keeps your dog’s tastebuds intrigued and their mind engaged. The mouthwatering aroma and flavor profile of real meat captures your dog’s undivided attention so they retain commands better.

High motivation is crucial for repetitive training tasks. With 3 irresistible flavors to look forward to, your dog will be eager and focused when training time comes. The soft texture is easy for them to enjoy no matter their age or breed.

This convenient bundle eliminates the guesswork of choosing training treats. Now you can mix it up and give your dog variety in one purchase!

Protein-Packed for Motivation

Dogs need protein for energy, focus and health. That’s why these training treats from Pet Botanics are crafted using premium protein sources like oven-roasted chicken, beef liver, and savory bacon.

Real meat provides a tasty reward your dog will find irresistible. The natural flavors satisfy your dog’s instincts and treat cravings. Protein also delivers lasting energy to keep your dog motivated and focused on training.

Made with whole food ingredients and no artificial additives, Pet Botanics treats nourish your dog’s mind and body for their best performance. Give them the protein motivation they crave with delicious training rewards.

Calorie-Smart for Generous Rewarding

Effective training relies on frequent rewarding to reinforce desired behaviors. That’s why Pet Botanics mini treats are thoughtfully crafted with just 1.5 calories per piece.

The small bite-size and low-cal nutrition lets you generously reward your dog during repetitive sessions without overfeeding. Show your dog some extra love for their hard work!

At just 1.5 calories, you can use these treats as a regular part of your dog’s diet. They make a healthy, low-calorie snack between meals if your dog needs help maintaining their ideal weight.

Give your dog a calorie-smart training reward they’ll love while keeping nutrition top of mind. Pet Botanics mini treats deliver maximum flavor and minimum guilt.

Crafted with Quality Ingredients

At Pet Botanics, we understand how important your dog’s nutrition and wellbeing is. That’s why we craft our treats using only premium ingredients you can trust.

Made in the USA, our mini training treats contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors that can upset your dog’s tummy. We also leave out corn, wheat and soy.

We source high-quality proteins and thoughtfully prepare each recipe to retain maximum nutritional integrity. Our facilities adhere to strict quality control at every step.

You want the best for your furry friend. Reward them with Pet Botanics Training Treats, protein-packed and bursting with flavors they will love.


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