PEDIGREE MARROBONE Crunchy Beef Flavored Dog Biscuits for Dental Health – 6 lb Bag


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Give your dog a bone to sink their teeth into with PEDIGREE MARROBONE Crunchy Biscuits! These dental treats feature a real beef flavor and bone marrow center that promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Delicious Beef Flavor Dogs Love

PEDIGREE MARROBONE Biscuits have a mouthwatering beef taste dogs crave. Real beef is the #1 ingredient, giving your pup a rich, meaty flavor.

Dogs go wild for these crunchy treats packed with savory beef flavor. You can reward your furry friend anytime with these oven-baked biscuits they’ll devour in seconds!

Promotes Dental Health

The crunchy texture and bone marrow center promote dental health by helping scrub tartar and plaque off your dog’s teeth as they nibble.

Chewing also massages gums and helps prevent gum disease. Give your pup one biscuit daily to support cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

Enriched with Vitamins

PEDIGREE MARROBONE Biscuits are enriched with vitamins A, D and E to provide complete, balanced nutrition dogs need.

These dental treats support your dog’s immune system while also catering to their love of meaty flavors. You can feel good giving your pup these oven-baked rewards!

For Dogs of All Sizes

PEDIGREE MARROBONE Biscuits are suitable for small, medium and large breed adult dogs.

The bone-shaped treats are the perfect size for dogs to comfortably grip and chew. Watch your dog sink their teeth into these crunchy biscuits!

From a Trusted Brand

PEDIGREE has over 60 years of experience making flavorful dog treats like MARROBONE Biscuits. Made in the USA and Canada with globally sourced ingredients, you can trust PEDIGREE to provide your dog with nutritious ingredients.

For delicious dental treats your dog will love, choose PEDIGREE MARROBONE Crunchy Biscuits today!


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