PEDIGREE Dentastix Original Chicken Flavored Dental Treats for Cleaner Teeth in Large Dogs


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Give your big dog a dental treat that provides superior teeth cleaning power and original chicken flavor they’ll love! PEDIGREE Dentastix Original Formula is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar in large adult dogs over 30 pounds.

Delicious Original Chicken Flavor

PEDIGREE Dentastix feature a tasty original chicken flavor dogs crave. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, giving your large pup a savory meaty taste.

Dogs adore these dental sticks packed with classic chicken flavor. You can reward your big furry friend anytime with these low-calorie treats. Watch them devour it while caring for their teeth!

Triple Action Formula for Oral Health

PEDIGREE Dentastix go beyond just tasting great – they also clean teeth, freshen breath, and reduce plaque and tartar buildup by up to 80%.

The unique X-shape has grooves and ridges that scrape away plaque and tartar with every chew, cleaning even hard-to-reach back teeth for complete oral care.

Give your large dog one Dentastix stick per day for optimal gum health and the freshest breath possible!

Specially Designed for Large Breeds

The size, shape and texture of PEDIGREE Dentastix are specially designed for big dogs over 30 pounds. Large and extra-large breeds have particular dental needs that these treats are formulated to address.

The ridged exterior cleans teeth while the chewy center freshens doggie breath. Your big pup will love the satisfying chewing experience!

Promotes Overall Wellness

Oral health impacts more than just teeth and gums – it affects overall wellbeing. Bacteria from plaque buildup can enter the bloodstream, potentially causing organ damage.

By reducing plaque, PEDIGREE Dentastix help large dogs avoid future health issues. Give your big buddy a tasty reward that benefits their whole body!

Show your large dog some love with PEDIGREE Dentastix Original Formula Dental Treats! Order a pack today for a bright smile and minty fresh breath.


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