PEDIGREE Dentastix Dual Bacon and Chicken Flavored Dental Treats for Fresh Breath in Small Dogs


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Reward your small dog with a dual-flavor dental treat that cleans teeth and fights bad breath! PEDIGREE Dentastix Mini Dual Flavor Bones combine tasty bacon and chicken flavors into one chew clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar in small breeds.

Two Delicious Meaty Flavors

PEDIGREE knows small dogs love exciting flavors! Dentastix Dual Flavor Bones offer a mouthwatering bacon and chicken taste combo your mini pup will go crazy for.

Savory bacon and juicy chicken provide a rich, meaty flavor your small dog will devour. Real bacon is the #1 ingredient, with no added sugars or artificial flavors – just deliciously dual flavors in one treat!

Give your pint-sized pal something yummy to nibble on while improving their dental hygiene. They’ll be begging for more!

Triple Action Formula for Oral Health

PEDIGREE Dentastix go beyond just tasting great – they also clean teeth, freshen breath, and reduce plaque and tartar buildup by up to 80% in small dogs.

The unique X-shape has grooves and ridges to scrape away plaque and tartar with every chew, cleaning even those hard-to-reach back teeth for a full oral care solution.

Give your small dog one Dentastix dental treat per day for optimal gum health and the freshest breath possible!

Perfect Size for Small Breeds

The smaller size of PEDIGREE Dentastix Mini treats makes chewing easy and enjoyable for tiny mouths. Small dogs have particular dental needs that these treats are designed to address.

The mini Dentastix feature a crunchy exterior that cleans teeth while the chewy center freshens doggie breath. Your petite pup will love the chewing satisfaction!

Promotes Overall Wellness

Oral health impacts more than just a dog’s mouth – it affects overall wellbeing. Bacteria from plaque buildup can enter the bloodstream, potentially causing organ damage down the road.

By reducing plaque, PEDIGREE Dentastix help small dogs avoid future health issues. Give your little fur baby a reward that benefits their whole body!

From a Trusted Brand

For over 60 years, PEDIGREE has created flavorful, veterinarian-recommended recipes. Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients, PEDIGREE adheres to strict quality standards for your dog’s nutrition.

Treat your small dog to something both nutritious and delicious for their teeth with PEDIGREE Dentastix dual flavor mini dental bones!

Order a pack today for the cleanest teeth possible and minty fresh doggie breath!


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