PEDIGREE Dentastix Dual Bacon and Chicken Flavored Dental Treats for Cleaner Teeth in Large Dogs


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Give your big dog a treat that delivers big dental benefits! PEDIGREE Dentastix Dual Flavor Bones combine delicious bacon and chicken flavors into one stick proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup in large dogs over 30 pounds.

Dual Meaty Bacon and Chicken Flavors

PEDIGREE knows flavor matters, especially when it comes to treats! That’s why Dentastix Dual Flavor Bones pack a mouthwatering bacon and chicken taste your large dog will love.

Savory bacon and juicy chicken provide a rich, meaty flavor combination your big pup can’t resist. Real bacon is the #1 ingredient, plus no added sugars, artificial flavors or fillers. Just delicious dual flavors in one dental treat!

Give your big buddy something to sink their teeth into at snack time while improving their dental health. Their tails will wag with joy!

Triple Action Formula for Oral Hygiene

PEDIGREE Dentastix go beyond just tasting great – they clean teeth, fight bad breath, and reduce plaque and tartar buildup by up to 80% in large dogs.

The unique X-shape has grooves and ridges to scrape away plaque and tartar with every chew, cleaning down to the gumline for fresher breath and healthier gums.

Give your large dog one dental treat stick per day for optimal dental care and gum health.

Specially Designed for Large Breeds

The size, shape and texture of PEDIGREE Dentastix are uniquely designed for bigger dogs. Large and extra-large breeds have particular dental needs that Dentastix are formulated to address.

The treats feature a rigid exterior that cleans teeth while the chewy center freshens dog breath. Your big pup will love the chewing satisfaction!

Promotes Overall Health

Oral health impacts more than just teeth and gums – it affects overall wellness. Bacteria from tartar and plaque buildup can spread through the bloodstream, potentially leading to damage of internal organs over time.

By reducing plaque and tartar, PEDIGREE Dentastix help large dogs avoid future health problems. Give your big buddy a reward that benefits their whole body!

From a Trusted Brand

For over 60 years, PEDIGREE has crafted tasty, vet-recommended recipes dogs love. Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients, PEDIGREE adheres to strict quality standards for your pup’s health and nutrition.

Treat your large dog to something both nutritious and delicious for their teeth with PEDIGREE Dentastix dual flavor dental bones!

Order a pack today for a big smile and happy dog!


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