PEDIGREE Dentastix Beef Flavored Dental Treats for Clean Teeth in Small Dogs – Pack of 168


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Give your small dog 168 delicious beef flavored dental treats that help keep their teeth clean and breath fresh! This bulk pack of PEDIGREE Dentastix contains 7 bags with 24 treats each, totaling 168 small dental chews.

Irresistible Beef Flavor

PEDIGREE Dentastix taste great thanks to their mouthwatering beef flavor. Real beef is the #1 ingredient, giving your mini pup a savory meaty flavor they’ll love.

Dogs go wild for these dental treats packed with rich beef taste. You can reward your pint-sized pal anytime with these low-calorie chews – they’ll keep tails wagging for weeks!

Triple Action Formula for Oral Health

PEDIGREE Dentastix go beyond just tasting delicious – they also clean teeth, freshen breath, and reduce plaque and tartar buildup by up to 80%.

The unique X-shape has grooves and ridges that scrape away plaque and tartar with every chew, cleaning even those hard-to-reach back teeth. Give your small dog one dental treat stick per day for optimal gum health and the freshest breath!

Perfect Size for Small Dogs

PEDIGREE Dentastix Mini treats are specially designed for small and toy breed dogs under 20 pounds. The smaller size makes it easy for tiny mouths to grip, chew, and enjoy these dental bones.

The chewy texture also helps clean down to the gumline for full dental care. Your petite pooch will love chomping on these tasty beef flavored treats!

Buy in Bulk and Save

This exclusive bulk pack from Sam’s Club provides 168 total Dentastix dental chews, so you can give your pup one a day for months of clean teeth and fresh breath.

Buying in bulk means you save money while stocking up on dental treats your small dog loves. You’ll always have their favorite beef flavored rewards on hand.

Show your tiny fur baby some love with this value pack of 168 PEDIGREE Dentastix Mini Dental Treats! Order now for a big smile.


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