Non-Slip Socks for Dogs – Protect Paws and Floors


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Help your pup navigate slippery floors and hot pavement in comfort with these non-slip dog socks from PupTeck. The gripped sock bottoms provide traction control indoors and outdoors, while the fabric protects sensitive paw pads.

Traction Grips Prevent Slipping

The bottom of each sock is covered in a textured silicone grip pattern that prevents sliding on smooth floors. The non-slip grips allow your dog to walk and play with confidence, reducing falls and injuries. Great for senior dogs or puppies still perfecting coordination.

Protects Paws from Hot Surfaces

Dogs’ paw pads can easily burn on hot concrete or asphalt. Wearing these socks provides a barrier to shield paws from extreme ground temps that could cause discomfort or injury. The fabric also prevents small pebbles or debris from getting wedged between toes.

Snug Fit Stays On Active Dogs

An elastic rib cuff and adjustable hook-and-loop closure ensure these socks stay snugly in place without sliding off during playtime. The socks are designed with a tight fight to avoid bunching or twisting as your dog moves about freely. Available in sizes XS to XL.

Soft Fabric Protects Floors

Hardwood floors and furniture are no match for a dog’s claws. These socks cushion sharp nails to prevent scuffs, scratches and damage. Your floors and sofa stay looking new while your dog plays freely without slippery slides.

Give your pet a paw up on slick surfaces with these handy non-slip dog socks from PupTeck. Order a set today to keep paws protected in comfort!

Size Details:

XS: 1.8″ paw width, 4.8″ sock length
S: 2.1″ paw width, 5.7″ sock length
M: 2.55″ paw width, 6.3″ sock length
L: 3″ paw width, 7.2″ sock length
XL: 3.5″ paw width, 8.5″ sock length


Fabric exterior
Silicone grips
Elastic cuff
Adjustable magic tape closure

Machine wash cold, delicate cycle
Tumble dry low
Give your pup sure-footed stability with a set of PupTeck non-slip dog socks today!


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