Make Walks a Breeze with the PINA No Pull Dog Harness and Leash Set


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Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. However, when your pup pulls on the leash it can quickly become a struggle. Escape the choke chains and halti head collars, and experience comfortable, stress-free walks with the PINA No Pull Dog Harness and Leash Set.

Customizable Fit Provides Optimal Comfort

Finding a properly fitted harness is crucial for your dog’s comfort. Unlike some ill-fitting harnesses that rub and chafe, the PINA No Pull Dog Harness sports a lightweight, breathable mesh vest design that contours to your dog’s unique shape.

Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit around the chest and neck for a secure yet non-restrictive feel. Your pup will barely notice they’re wearing this ultra-soft, padded vest harness that allows complete freedom of movement.

Discourages Pulling for Improved Leash Manners

Does your dog pull relentlessly on walks, choking themselves in the process? This front-clip harness is a game changer for leash training and improving loose leash walking.

The leash attaches to a front D-ring, which steers your dog back towards you if they begin to pull. This redirects their energy and naturally discourages pulling without causing discomfort. The result is a well-behaved walker who no longer strains against the leash.

Evenly Distributes Pressure to Prevent Choking

Choke chains and slip collars can damage your dog’s trachea and spine by placing intense pressure on the neck. The PINA harness eliminates this risk by evenly distributing leash pressure over the chest and shoulders.

The vest design also reduces strain on the neck when your dog inevitably pulls or lunges. With padding around the chest and armpits, your dog stays comfortable on lengthy walks.

High Visibility Keeps Your Dog Safe

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, so keeping your dog visible is a top priority. The PINA harness has reflective strips along both sides so drivers can easily spot your pup at night or in low lighting.

The bright colors also make your dog more visible when walking trails in the brush or through tall grass. Now you can adventure with your dog stress-free knowing the harness maximizes their safety.

Easy On, Easy Off Design

Struggling to get a harness on a wiggly pup is no fun. The PINA harness features a convenient step-in design that goes on and off in just three quick steps.

Just unclip the side buckles, have your dog step through the neck opening, and re-clip the buckles for a customized, secure fit. No more forcing it over your dog’s head or tangled messes!

Plus, the quick release buckles make it simple to take the harness on and off as needed without a fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size?

Refer to the sizing chart to measure your dog’s chest girth and choose the size that fits best. Sizing does not directly correspond to breed or weight. If in between sizes, size up for the most comfortable fit.

Can this harness be used for training?

Yes! The front leash connection steers dogs back towards the owner, which helps reinforce commands and leash manners during training.

Is this harness suitable for puppies?

While well-suited for adult dogs, this particular harness may be too large and rigid for most puppies. We recommend a softer, more adjustable design optimized for growing puppies.

What if my dog slips out of the harness?

Ensure you’re selecting the proper size using our sizing chart. Adjust the straps to provide a snug fit and double check that the neck strap isn’t loose. Contact us if you continue to have issues.

Can I attach the leash to the back ring instead?

Yes, the leash can be attached to the back ring for more traditional walking. However, we recommend the front ring for optimal anti-pull training.

Experience Better Walks Today

If your dog makes walks difficult by pulling constantly, the PINA No Pull Dog Harness is the perfect solution to make strolls pleasant again. With its comfortable padded vest, front-clip leash design, and high visibility reflective strips, this harness ticks all the boxes.

Order now in complete confidence with our no risk guarantee. We want your pup to enjoy their new harness as much as you will enjoy your newly relaxed walks together. Breathe easy knowing your dog is comfortable and secure thanks to the PINA harness and leash set.


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