Make Grooming Your Dog or Cat Easy & Stress-Free with the Rexipets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


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Tired of spending way too long detangling knots and fighting to keep your furry friend still during grooming sessions? We feel you. Brushing your dog or cat is super important for their health and hygiene, but wrestling with tangles, knots and clumps of hair can turn it into a chore that nobody looks forward to.

That’s why we created the Rexipets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – the innovative pet brush that takes the hassle out of grooming your dog or cat at home.

This game-changing slicker brush lets you glide through your pet’s coat to gently detangle, remove loose hair and evenly distribute their natural oils in minutes. It feels so good, your dog or cat will love brush time instead of dreading it!

Then when you’re done, you can clean the whole thing with just a single click of a button – the hair instantly drops off so you don’t have to dislodge it by hand. Genius!

Keep reading to find out why pet owners are raving about this self cleaning slicker brush and how it could transform grooming time in your home too…

Detangle Knots & Tangles Super Fast

The key to easy, stress-free grooming is having the right tool for the job. Cheap brushes just aren’t designed to tackle the knots and tangles that inevitably develop in your pet’s coat.

The Rexipets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is specifically engineered with gentle,fine bristles that penetrate right down to the base of your pet’s hair to gently separate knots.

No more battling or pulling – the ergonomic design lets you hold and control the brush so you can gently work out knots without any harsh tugging or pain.

Even matted sections can be carefully worked out over time for smooth, healthy fur. Just use a comb afterwards to get rid of any final tangles.

Removes Loose Hair & Dander in Minutes

As well as keeping their coat knot-free, regular brushing helps remove shed hair and dander before it can cause skin irritation or mess up your home.

The fine bristles are designed to penetrate right down to efficiently sweep away loose hair, dirt and dander from the undercoat in minutes. No painful scrubbing or harsh brushing needed!

With the Rexipets brush, you can easily keep shedding under control and vacuum less often – saving you time and effort. Your pet will feel calmer and comfier without excess hair and dander on their skin too.

Distributes Natural Oils for a Healthy Coat

Brushing doesn’t just keep your pet’s coat looking good – it improves skin and coat health too.

As you brush, the bristles help evenly spread natural oils from your dog or cat’s skin throughout their fur.

This keeps their whole coat conditioned and helps prevent dry, itchy skin. Regular brushing sessions can make their fur super soft, shiny and healthy looking.

It also increases blood circulation around their skin and body, to nourish hair follicles and promote fur growth.

Feels So Good, Your Pet Will Love Brush Time

The last thing you want is for brushing to be a stressful chore for both you and your pet.

That’s why our self cleaning slicker brush is designed to be gentle and comfortable, so your dog or cat actually enjoys the experience.

The fine, rounded bristle tips are smooth and non-scratchy so they glide over skin and don’t cause any irritation.

And the ergonomic handle gives you full control so you never brush too hard or cause any discomfort.

Your pet will be happy to sit still and let you brush them for as long as you want! You’ll look forward to bonding over grooming time together.

Suitable for Dogs & Cats of All Sizes

Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, a Sphynx or a Maine Coon – the Rexipets brush is versatile enough for all breeds and coat types.

The rectangular head is ideal for covering large surface areas efficiently so you can brush a big dog’s body nice and quickly.

And the narrow head allows you to zero in on smaller or awkward spots like legs, paws and faces easily too.

Short, long, straight, curly, thick or fine fur – our brush tackles them all with no hassle required.

One-Click Cleaning For Effortless Maintenance

The most genius part of our brush? The one click self cleaning feature.

When you’re done brushing your pet, simply press the button on the ergonomic handle. The bristles instantly retract so all the fur and dirt drops away in seconds.

No more spending ages trying to detangle clumps of hair out by hand!

Then click it again to put the bristles back in place and you’re ready to get grooming again. It takes all the hassle out of keeping the brush clean.

Reviewers love that they can brush multiple pets in a row without stopping to clean in between. Or even switch between cats and dogs with no risk of cross contamination.

Maintaining an effective brush is so quick and easy now.

Quality Materials Built to Last

Cheap brushes seem like a good deal, until they fall apart after a few uses. With Rexipets, you get salon quality at an affordable price.

The brush head is made from high grade stainless steel for durability. And the bristles are firm nylon that will never bend out of shape or wear down over time.

The ergonomic handle is anti-slip rubber that’s comfy to hold. And the mechanism inside is engineered for thousands of easy cleaning cycles.

We want to make quality pet care tools available to all owners and their pets. Our brushes are built to be a worthwhile investment that makes grooming easier for years to come.

We Know Pets. We Are Pet Owners.

Rexipets isn’t just another company trying to make a quick buck in the pet industry. We are actual pet owners who want to make products that truly help other owners.

The idea for the self cleaning slicker brush came when our team was frustrated after yet another messy grooming session trying to detangle our own dogs and cats.

We realized the tools out there just weren’t good enough. So we designed the brush we wished existed – one that could glide through fur with no pulling, detangle painlessly, and clean up in seconds.

The result is a brush that makes grooming faster, easier and pain-free for both pets and owners. It works so well, we just had to share it!

Now pet owners nationwide have fallen in love with our brush and how it’s transformed grooming time for their cats and dogs.

We hope it can make taking care of your furry friend easier too. We can’t wait for you both to enjoy the grooming experience you deserve.

We Know You’ll Love It, But If Not – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident this will be the best brush you’ve ever used on your pet.

But just in case it’s not for you, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee – because your satisfaction means everything.

Just contact us for a full refund if you don’t absolutely love your brush within 30 days. No return needed.

So why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and fast, easy grooming sessions to gain!

Add the Rexipets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush to your cart now to finally take the hassle out of pet grooming. Your dog or cat will thank you!


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